Egg vs. Chicken review

What came first? The egg, the chicken or the egg and chicken omelette? In Egg vs. Chicken you get to battle it out from an egg perspective. The evil chickens are invading the cozy egg playpen for some evil reason. What might sound like an eggtastic Plants vs. Zombie ripoff turns out to be a fun and frantic match three barricade defence game.

The chickens march from the top of the screen hell bent on tearing down your barricades, and smashing some innocent eggs. To counter the barrage you have to flick eggs at the invaders. Matching up three eggs or more will cause them to glow slightly, and you can flick upwards to send them onto the battlefield. Eggs can be matched in huge numbers to strike at multiple invaders at once. If an egg is in the way you can double tap it to get rid of it. The controls are quick, responsive and I always feel in control of proceedings. At times there is an overwhelming amount of enemies, and thankfully there are a number of powerups and weapons to deploy. Mines can be dragged onto the field for example. There are more than 25 powerups to buy between levels using the stars you get as rating for each level.

img_3469There are 36 levels in the current version of the game with more promised in future updates. You can complete all levels within two to three hours, but if you want to get them all to the maximum of three stars you will have a couple of extra hours of playtime.

Strategy plays a huge part in the quick gameplay. There are seven different types of eggs ranging from the simple one hit white and brown eggs to fire eggs and even ice eggs. As enemies take different amount of punishment to perish it is imperative to prioritize attacks well.

The presentation is bright and cartoony. All chickens are well animated, and has different looks depending on how hurt they are. It is quite hilarious watching them limp in true Itchy and Scratchy fashion. It is worth playing the game for the fun animations alone. Ten different chickens, and some larger ones serving as bosses cater are available. The music is not my cup of tea, but it doesn’t strike me as annoying. It is your typical music found in time management games that is less memorable than elevator music. The sound effects are good with some wacky chirps and hard hitting eggs. You can play your own music, and keep the sound effects.

img_3486There is only one game mode in the game: the campaign. After the 36 levels are completed there is little reason to replay the game. You have high scores through Game Center, but no achievements. Still the fun gameplay you get for a couple of hours is worth the admission fee.

I got really surprised by Egg vs. Chicken, and it shows that you should not judge an app by its name. Instead of being a clone it brings a completely unique gameplay formula to the App Store, and it is a fun one at that. If you are into match three games or barricade defence games this title comes highly recommended. Actually I think this is a game most gamers will enjoy no matter if you consider yourself hardcore or casual.

Final Rating


Egg vs. Chicken $0.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: PlayFirst, Inc.

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  • Egg boy

    The chicken evolved from amphibians that layed eggs so therefore the egg came first.

  • GamersLeak

    Looks great, ca’t wait to play it!