Egg Drop Arcade: Review

Peggle meets Mousetrap in this entertaining arcade title. 

Egg Drop Arcade does not give the best first impression. The visuals are bland, some of the sounds are unappealing, and the first levels seem unexciting. One feels like the creator was trying to capture a retro feel, and while they certainly did I just didn’t find the look to be appealing. Others may like how the game looks, and after a while the presentation will grow those that do not. I wanted to put all of the negative aspects right out in front, because like Egg Drop, once you get past the initial setbacks there is nothing but goodness left.

Imagine a game of Peggle, mixed with a pinball table and the board game Mousetrap. The resulting creation, filled with gears, launch pads and gadgets of all sorts would be a close relative to Egg Drop. The goal of each level in Egg Drop is to drop an egg from the top of the screen and have the egg land in one of the four compartments at the bottom of the screen. Not all of the compartments are eligible to receive the egg, the player must aim for the ones that currently house a token. Using a set amount of eggs, the player must land enough eggs in the compartments with tokens to pass the level. It is what is between the drop zone and the egg compartments that makes Egg Drop entertaining.

egg-drop-review2After dropping the egg, players must help navigate the projectile through fans, paddles, pegs, gears, launch barrels, moving floors, flamethrowers and other such obstacles. This is accomplished by the clever drop of the egg, and the use of the accelerometer to tilt the egg in a desired direction. One cannot simply tilt to have the egg go wherever they please, as there is a limit to how far the game will register your tilt. Amidst the maze of often moving gadgetry are powerups to either make you accrue more score, multiply your tokens, or to make your egg invincible. Having an invincible egg is valuable, because if the egg travels too far without having been slowed by an obstacle it will break on impact. Other hazards include being crushed by a moving block or a wall of spikes. The token multiplier is useful, as it will bring about the end of the level much more quickly.

While all of the bells and whistles in an Egg Drop level look quite complex, the gameplay couldn’t be more simple. Unlike Peggle, in which there was a high degree of randomness, one feels like they have a high degree of control when it comes to where the egg will land. This element of skill is brought in through tilting the device, and it really makes the experience for me. Watching the levels play out and all of the various pieces interact is entertaining, and having some input in to how it will play out is gratifying. There is a quality to Egg Drop that escapes words, the closest I can come to describing it is to say that for the most part, Egg Drop is pure fun.

Egg Drop is not just a flash in the pan, either. The game features a 24 level adventure mode, and at the completion of each level both the next stage and a character are unlocked. As far as I can tell, these characters exist purely to add spice to the title screen. While this may seem frivolous, I took pleasure in watching my little army of creatures hang out on the main menu. Players also have a variety of challenge modes to try out that each put a unique spin on the levels played in adventure mode. These would have felt a little more purposeful had the game included leaderboards, but I found the accuracy mode to be a gratifying solo experience.

Online functionality is a missing feature in Egg Drop, and while it does not hurt the experience I imagine that its addition would only help the game. In particular, I would love to see a shareable level editor added to the game. At $2.99, Egg Drop approaches a more premium price, but is well worth it for fans of Rube Goldberg machines. While it sounds sad to say that $2.99 is expensive, the pricing on the App store is what it is, and there are other more sizable experiences available for less money. Egg Drop is great to play in bursts or extended periods. It is also a game that is fun to play with a friend sitting close by, or to pass around while playing the challenge modes. The game is not very difficult unless you want to pull off some fancy tricks, making it fun for all ages.

Egg Drop Arcade is a blast to play, and a lite version is available for those that wish to try. Egg Drop is a game that grows on you, and after playing for quite some time I am comfortable in recommending it to just about anyone.

Final Score


Egg Drop Arcade is available on the App Store: free “lite version, and $2.99 full version

This game was reviewed with version 1.2, and on a 2nd gen device.

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