Edimon review

Edimon is a clear descendant to the cult mega hit Tamagotchi back in the 1990s. You get a pet Edimon to care for in four different categories; fitness, wellness, play time and hygiene. The hub of the game is the home screen where Edimon stands around humming, and whistling when pleased. If you mistreat Edimon it will show both mentally and physically. The aim of the game is to keep Edimon developing into a balanced creature, or if you are a sadist you can turn Edimon into a sad shell of a being. The four categories each have their own game or activity.



Fitness is all about pressing the same coloured buttons as quickly as you can for a minute. The five different skill levels vary time you have before the buttons disappear. It gets old really quickly, and seeing the seconds slowly ticking down feels like work.

Wellness is about keeping Edimon in a relaxed state while sitting down in trance. By tilting you have to make sure Edimon doesn’t topple, as it is a sleepy creature prone to sleeping instead of meditating. There are bees, birds, flying dog turds and leaves that you have to get rid of by tapping them. I am having trouble getting my taps to register, and there is no way to calibrate the accelerometer making this a far from calming experience to me.

Play time is a guessing game where you get a shape to match. The shape you have to match can be just an outline; it can be devoid of colour and quickly rotating. There are about five shapes to choose from, and most of the time it is really easy choosing the correct one. The more you manage in a row the harder it becomes with less and less separating the shapes. This is the mini game I prefer of the bunch.



Hygiene is just about showering Edimon by rubbing quickly to lathe and shower. Kind of pointless as there is no time limit, and my Edimon had -99 in hygiene when left unattended for a couple of days. It took me several minutes of rubbing to get back up at +50.

I don’t feel that Edimon is a coherent or really interesting game. The instructions show that you can get your Edimon to evolve into other looks depending on what you focus on. The thing is that it takes too much work to get any reward out of Edimon. Playing for ten minutes just to raise my stats a little bit feels boring when I know that they have gone down to the next time I start the game.

Ok, I might not be a true Tamagotchi fan as I had my own dog to take care of instead of a piece of beeping plastic. But I find it hard to see anyone who are interested in putting the time and effort in to keep Edimon happy. I let my wife try it, and she loved the cuteness right away. Fifteen minutes later she was sick of repeating the same trudging activities.


Play time

I think that developer Humble Gaming Ltd. has created an interesting character in Edimon, but it really deserves a better game. Since Tamagotchi we have had games like The Sims and Animal Crossing teaching us that it is fun with interaction and customization. There is none of that in Edimon; my pink Edimon can’t be customized by other means than doing the mini games. And if you could have online functionality letting you invite Edimon from all over the world it would be great. Now it is just a collection of substandard mini games dressed up in a cute outfit.
There are two different versions of Edimon, Edimon and Edimon+, one with character development and one with only the mini games. The lite version of Edimon+ lets you try out the play time mini game.

Presentation and graphics



Edimon is cute, and the graphics are bright, sharp and colourful. Objects like birds, shapes and buttons seem a bit out of place graphically. No matter how good Edimon looks I feel sad for the poor sod being alone all the time.


Edimon features cute music and sound effects. At times the sound effects seem to be a bit off in timing, this happens when you open menus or starts a mini game.

Game play

I think the touch controls are sluggish; it takes time for the game to respond. This is not only the case for the mini games but also in menus. Some items aren’t even responding, for example I have tried resetting the game in the pause menu but that option doesn’t respond.

Having an accelerometer mini game without any kind of calibration is also a bit of a miss. Edimon has a real hard time relaxing when constantly banging it’s head.

Game lifeimg_0148

There are local high scores for the fitness, wellness and play time mini games. The game doesn’t remember your name since last time forcing you to write it every time you score good enough. If you are the sort of caring person who went nuts over Tamagotchi you might get some time out of it. Most iPhone gamers will probably give up after thirty minutes.

To cater to the collecting gamer the game really needs stuff to unlock, and ways to customize Edimon.

Final rating


Cute graphics, and a loveable character isn’t enough to constitute a good game. The core game elements are simply not good enough to keep you interested, or warrant the price of $3.99. And if you aren’t interested you will harm Edimon, can you live with that? Try the lite version to see if you like the play time mini game.

Edimon $3.99

Edimon+ $1.99

Edimon+ Lite

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  • Nacho, USA

    Just avoid this one, it’s not that fun. For the money there are so many better games to get.

  • Nathan

    The blue thing looks like an ill sackboy from LittleBigPlanet


    The graphics are really goos, at least it looks like that. Since this site’s advice has been very useful in the past i’m not going to buy this.