Earn To Die review

Smashed brains, and scattered remains.

Being a zombie can’t be that easy if you think about it. For one your family doesn’t really invite you to happenings anymore, and there is no reason to go to work since your brain doesn’t work. All you can do is walk about looking for food, and sadly food is the same as your friends and former fellow species. It doesn’t help that your kin is being killed in countless movies, and games. Now you get a new chance to see your braindead friends die, over and over again by the foot pressing on the pedal. You don’t really think you deserve to die again, but someone thinks you have earned to die.

Earn To Die is basically a side scrolling trial game featuring zombies, obstacles and overpowered killing machines. The limitation comes in the form of fuel running out. Your target is to clear the level from start to finish within the allotted gasoline available. Upgrading your vehicle between runs adding fuel, better engine and gearbox help. Other items there to help you are spiked hood ornaments, saws, guns and turbo boosters. There are also a number of different vehicles to purchase, and you kind of have to. The most souped up vehicle is not as good as the next vehicle in the shop. This forces you to always save money to be able to buy the next vehicle.

The controls are as simple as they can ever become. A button to accelerate with, and two buttons to controls the tilt of the vehicle in the air. If you got turbo boosts there is an extra button for those. The game suffers from being far too simple, and I played it while brushing my teeth with one hand, and pressing accelerate with the other. Using this simple method I managed to gain enough money to upgrade, and with the new vehicle I could easily complete a level while buttering a toast, or pouring a cup of coffee.

The story mode is quite short, and especially if you play half of it without focusing on the game. I could easily complete it within a couple of hours, and after that there is very little reason to go back. Sure there is a free ride, and a championship mode but neither take advantage of the aspect I enjoyed the most: upgrading my ride.

The presentation is quite good, and I like how limbs scatter when I smash into a bunch of zombies. The sound effects get kind of repetitive though, and the soundtrack could use a bit more punch.

Earn To Die is fun for a while until you realise that you don’t really need to focus to get good distances on your rides. Too easy, and short with too little demand for precision jumps and landings. Still fun, and those darn zombies have deserved it.

Final Rating


Earn To Die $0.99
Version: 1.0.3
Seller: Not Doppler Pty Limited

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