E3: Taito: Infinity Gene, Gardening Mama, Bubble Bobble

UPDATED: We sat down with Reisuke Ishida, the Creator of infinity Gene, and his team to check out their upcoming slate of releases…

First up were a slew of updates for Space Invaders Infinity Gene. Set to come out next month in time for the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game are four downloadable updates. The first of these is free to owners of the game and adds the ability to play the game in side scrolling landscape mode. This gives the game more of an R-Type feel and not only rotates enemies proportionally, but also presents your ship in a side on view. A new ship will also be available called ‘Option’ which can power-up with drones, or wingmen, that also fire. Multiple drones can be added which snake behind your ship.

The other three downloadable updates add themes based on other Taito games; G-Darius, Night Stalker and Metal Black. These comprise of new ships, enemies, levels, music and other assets inspired by the game it’s based on, such as the fish like bosses from G-Darius. Each themed pack will be available for $1.99.

UPDATE: Check out the new trailer showing the updates:

Along with Infinity Gene, we were also shown a selection of Space Invaders themed apps. Called Gizmos, they were originally developed for their own use, but they decided to release them to the AppStore. These include a Battery app- which lets you know how much juice you have left for various tasks; a calculator – which has Space Invader themed easter eggs, such as doing an a equation that results in 1978 (the release date of the game); a flashlight app; a noodle timer; a clock; and a ram checker… but the most impressive of these was the business card app. Using the app you can create your very own space invaders style card and then slide it to another iPhone using bluetooth. Check out the embedded video below to see it in action.

For fans of the original classic game of Space Invaders, Taito will be bringing out an iPad optimized version of the game. Not only does it bring you HD graphics, but for that authentic arcade experience they have added a two player mode complete with cocktail-style flipped orientation. Check out a demo of it in action below:

Next up was Gardening Mama, a sequel of sorts to the successful Cooking Mama and a port of the DS version, it sees you plant bulbs, dig trenches and water plants. You can also make items such as jack-o-lanterns and jams from their fruits and vegetables. Many of the mini games are accelerometer based as opposed to the touch only DS versions, and as an exclusive to the iPhone version you can create a herb garden. The initial launch will be iPhone and iPod Touch only, but as you can see in the screenshots below it looks great on the iPad at 2x size

Finally we got a sneak peek at Bubble Bobble, it was very early in development so we can’t show you any footage of the game. But suffice to say it will be a faithful re-creation of the game as well as the addition of a touch based ‘advanced’ mode. Stay tuned for more on that.

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  • Matt Dunn, USA

    Man, I am STOKED about Bubble Bobble!


    Me too.. you have no idea the amount of time i spent playing bubble bobble when i was really young. Hopefully they’ll add online leaderboards.

  • AnotherTim

    God I love Infinity Gene. Got all the DLC immediately and while it would be nice to have the themes work in the level generating stages, I certainly love all those new ships.

  • somebodyouthere

    when will cooking mama 2 and gardening mama be released for the ipod touch version? cant wait to play.