E3: Silent Ops hands-on

A surprise Gameloft title that almost flew under the radar today… fitting then, that it’s a game of stealth…

Silent Ops is an action title based in the world of espionage, and judging by the title image is heavily influenced by James Bond. You play as one of three operatives that form a secret organisation called Ubiquity. The story goes that they employ only the best agents and the smartest technology, but they are not alone. Another agency wants to use advanced cloning tech for their own ends.

The game is played in the third person, and much of it requires a large amount of creeping around (or stealth). The majority of the level that we played, which took place in a facility, required you to enter an area, take out any enemy agents, and then hack a computer to enter the next area. Attacks can be carried out from the hip, or you can bring up a more detailed gun sight view for more accurate aiming, but at the cost of less freedom of movement. Some context sensitive stealth attacks can also be pulled off if the enemy has not already been notified of your position. For example, at one stage we leaped from the ceiling and pummelled a guys face in to the concrete below.

The game doesn’t feature the use of Unreal technology, and instead looks to use a similar engine to Splinter Cell. None-the-less, it did look pretty good on the iPhone 4, but with the usual set of limitations such as no dynamic lighting and a pretty wooden set of character animation, including the lack of any facial animation.

Silent Ops promises seven different settings taking you to locales such as Geneva, Dubrovnik, Hong Kong as well as the ability to play as three different characters within your team, each with their own special abilities. A multiplayer mode will also be available letting you team up with friends, but it’s not yet clear whether this will be online.

It’s hard to say at this stage if the game will successfully bring a solid James Bond style action experience to the AppStore, we’ll have to play it some more. In the meantime, check out the screens below.

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    Golden Eye rip-off?

  • Daniel Likin

    Why every time Gameloft releases new game, there are always some people who judge “another rip-off”. Come on, give them some credit here. They are the top leader and pioneer of mobile game industry. If it weren’t from them, the development of mobile gaming would never be this rampant.

  • tribalport

    They may be the leader in the mobile app industry but that doesn’t change the fact that almost every game they make is a rip off of something.

    That’s not to say I don’t like Gameloft.

    Quality game clones is what they do best :)


    Daniel Likin, you are right. Gameloft is the biggest iphone game developer right now and I am a fan of many of their games. However, just like tribalport said, I have a problem with their lack of imaginative.

    Many of their games are rip-off from other games. Now if they were to be orignal, I’m sure that their games would be much better than right now and will have less people complaining about it.

  • Pete

    Gameloft the pioneer?, no way, that title goes to Firemint.

    Yes Gameloft has at least made good iphone games (even if they are rip offs) and, overall is a good company, but the way they make games, isn’t good, that is they use no imagination

  • estudioG design

    Who cares who’s the pioneer of what, the game looks cool.
    There stepping up on there games, I just hope sound and voice acting step up too.