E3: Pix’n Love Rush (video)

Pixel, the loveable 8-bit cat of XBL fame, has arrived on the iPhone/iPod Touch!

Pixel the Cat came to the Xbox Live Arcade quite a while ago, and stole the hearts of many a nostalgic gamer, myself included. The game featured old platforming action mixed with crystal-clean 8-bit styled graphics. Not to mention the odd-looking cat as the protagonist. One of the first things I thought after beating the game on my Xbox was, “Wow, this would be awesome on the iPhone!”  It looks like the fine folks at Bulkypix thought the same thing, as Pix’n Rush Love has been released today for the iPod and iPhone.

To be clear, Pixel’n Love Rush is not the same game as the Xbox version. Rather than a straight up platforming game, it focuses on timed platforming for gaming on the go. At launch there will only be a single 5 minute timed mode, which has you collecting coins and shooting baddies across a new level every 20-30 seconds or so. The more enemies you kill and coins you collect, the higher your score multiplier raises. If you get hit by an enemy, your multiplier resets.

There is also an unlockable “Infinite Mode” that features 125 different levels, and 7 different skins for the graphics. These are pretty awesome, with one resembling the game on a Virtual Boy, and another on a classic Gameboy. It’s cool to see some creative visual effects, as the original game just featured the classic blue version. You’ll notice in the video below that we are playing the iPhone version on an iPad. That’s right, the game looks that good without an “HD” version. You can check out Pix’n Love Rush for $.99.

Check out the video below:

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    Own it already.. And it is amazing :)