E3: Modern Combat 5 Hands-on

As Activision ditch the Modern Warfare name for Ghosts, Gameloft’s clone goes from strength to strength.

We got to play an opening level of the game at E3 this yesterday, set in a ghost town-like Venice. As usual, an enemy force is up to no good, and it’s our job to take them down.

The first thing that struck me is how far the graphics have come. Gameloft’s own engine has really come along way since MC4 – which at the time was the best looking iOS game. Geometry and texture work is highly detailed, and it isn’t just skin deep, with the ability to pepper everything with bullets and tear it apart. Partical effects, such as smoke, explosions and water, are also improved, as are the mocapped animations of the soldiers. Giving the whole experience a close to console look and feel than ever before.

Gameplay is essentially your standard MC fare, with run-and-gun, set pieces, quicktime events and on rail shootouts, but with some added bells and whistles. For one, you can now revive fallen comrades, as well as be revived yourself. For example if you are shot, you may not die right away, instead you’ll fall to your knees in a ‘last stand’ style, with the ability to shoot while you wait to be revived.

Also new in MC5 is drone support. You can now send out a little drone to survey the level and pinpoint enemy positions on the map, as well as highlighting enemies behind walls with a red outline on your HUD.

Modern Combat is expected later this year. We didn’t get to see the multiplayer, but expect increased player count and the new gameplay features from the single campaign – such as drones and reviving – to feature there too.

Look out for more details of MC5 as we get them. In the meantime check out this off-screen video of a boat chase through the canals of Venice:

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