E3 2012

E3: Majesco enters mobile gaming space

Majesco showed us two new developed titles, Legends of Loot and Sci-Fi Heroes at E3 last week…

Usually associated with console games such as Bloodrayne and Bomberman, Majesco are now taking a serious look at the mobile gaming space. These two new fremium games are there first stab.

Legends of Loot

This puzzle-based treasure-hunting game reminded us of the old top-down Zelda games, complete with the ability to drag blocks around the levels and place them on switches to unlock the exits.

It features over one hundred themed mazes (such as Egypt and Mayan) in which to gather loot – with more available as calendar based objectives on particular days in the week . The addition of Fruit Ninja-like boss battles adds a unique twist to proceedings. It also includes a betting system to wager on successfully beating a maze, as well as the ability to bribe your way out of battles with enemies that roam the halls.

There is a large character customisation element too, with blueprints available for collection which in turn unlock new outfits and weapons to buy.

Sci-Fi Heroes

This is a Sci-Fi spin on the traditional team-based RPG. The free-to-play adventure sees you leading a team to victory over a galactic evil empire, as well as the opportunity to join forces with your friends in online raids, complete quests, defeat enemies, and gather rare loot – including rocket fuel for visiting new areas.

Each character has their own Dead Space-like skill tree, which can take up to ten hours to power up each time (or as this is freemium, it can be sped-up with real cash).

Despite its freemium-ness, the game feature some great character art, particularly in the opening cutscene and character intros.

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