E3 2012

E3: Infinity Blade Dungeons Hands-On

Yesterday we got hands-on with the latest build of EPIC’s promising dungeon crawler…

As an apprentice to a great weapons forger, you must explore dungeons and collect precious metals to forge your own weapons – and no doubt eventually create the legendary Infinity Blade.

Dungeons are not exactly a safe haven, with each one strewn with hostile creatures, including many seen in the two Infinity Blade games. Being a forger has its benefits of course, allowing you to wield whatever powerful weapon you have created.

For those of you who couldn’t get into Infinity Blade 1 and 2, and their on-rails nature, will be happy to know that there is no player restriction here. Moving your character is as simply as tapping where you want him to go (and double tapping to dodge and roll). When enemies appear you can then swipe at them to pull off various attacks, and double tap for special power blows. Spinning gestures will cause you to do a whirlwind like flurry of your sword, while holding down on your character and then dragging a path through multiple enemies will unleash a quick dash-and-slice style move through all of them. Pretty cool!

Levels have been created with quick play in mind, with ability to jump in and complete any given level in around 5-10 minutes. Of the two dungeons we played they both ended in big boss encounters, to which you must deal a far greater amount of damage. The giant – and heavily armoured – grizzly bear was particularly bad-ass.

Completing a level takes you to the forge, which activates a mini game. Here you must use the metals you ave collected to create the next weapon. It’s bit like a rythmn game, where you must tap out kinks and rivets along the blade as it rotates, until it is ready. From here you can add it to your arsenal use it in combat.

We tried out a few cool weapons in the game, but by far the best was the hammer, which, when combined with swipes over enemies, can be used like Links boomerang (Link from Legend of Zelda).

As expected, the most impressive aspect of the game from a technical standpoint is the graphics. Despite being third person and of the Diablo perspective, it still featured the high detail that’s expected from the Infinity Blade series.

EPIC were keeping mum on the exact length of the game, and the price point, but we’d speculate that a 5-8 hour experience at a price point of $6.99 would be about right – perhaps with extended play through repeat play-throughs of dungeons with newer weapons. No definite release date has been given yet, but expect some more details this fall.

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  • DeInit

    We still don’t know the range of supported devices, might you guys inquire on this?

  • neetyneety

    I am hoping for the life of me that the iPad 1 is supported. If they could do it with Infinity Blade II (albeit it doesn’t run as smooth, but runs nonetheless), then I’m guessing they can with this. At least, that’s what I’m convincing myself.

  • DeInit

    I don’t know, they ised it in the New iPad presentation. Maybe the other A5 devices, but I’m affraid below that and 512MB of ram, we’re out of luck.