E3 2012

E3: Knights Of The Round Cable – Hands-on

Puzzle gaming meets Slingshot Racing in this promising game.

Knights of the Round cable is a game that caught our attention to moment we saw it at E3. It’s a game based on collecting gems, but with an incredibly interesting gameplay hook. Basically, the level is filled with little pegs that your knight hooks on to collect gems. Think of the way you hook around corners in Slingshot Racing, but instead of racing your are trying to collect gems and earn as many points as possible.

The controls are simple and effective. You tap the button on the right side of the screen to hook onto a peg, and you tap the one on the left side to change your rotation. It is simple to figure out, but actually quite challenging.

The challenge comes on two levels. The first is trying to line up your rope at just the right length to collect as many gems as possible. The second layer of challenge comes from the enemies throughout the level. You are not able to attack in any way, so you have to try to avoid the enemies or you will run out of lives.

Nigel and myself were not able to make it passed the fifth level, and the developer said he could only make it to level 14 before he died. While the gameplay might seem casual in nature, it is certainly not easy.

Of course, there are plenty of powerups and new things to unlock in the game. You can earn new knights with improved skills and abilities, which will be necessary as you make it further in the game. Everything is unlockable by spending time with the game, but you can use in app purchases to buy stuff quicker.

This game looks promising, and I cannot wait to for it release sometime later this summer.

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