E3 2012

E3: FIFA13 Impressions

FIFA 13 for iOS comes of age at E3…

The FIFA series feels like it has been around since the beginning of video game time itself, so in-grained it has become with gamers into their sports. The iOS version has still yet to really come into its own, with past efforts paling in comparison to its console brother. This is set to change somewhat in FIFA 13, which is a vast improvement over the games before it.

New features in FIFA 13 for iOS include: stadium and weather selection, ‘skill moves’, and the ability to alter team behavior at any time. FIFA 13 will also bring EA’s football club to iOS- which acts as a universal experience tracker between all of your versions of FIFA 13. Also through football club: players can align themselves with their favorite clubs, and receive weekly challenges that correspond to real-world football events. For instance: a player may be challenged to replicate the events of a recent game, or even alter the course of history.

The new implementation of the skill move is a major addition. Holding down the button will modify the player’s dribbling, and also prompt teammates to run further up the field to receive a pass. The inverse applies when playing defense, in which case the skill moves button will call in a second player to assist in covering the offensive player who has the ball. Players have additional control over the flow of the game through the use of swiping left to right to transition between defensive and aggressive team behavior.

FIFA 13 is certainly a good looking game on the new iPad, and there is a high level of detail in individual player models. The game also includes a replay feature- which allows you to view a recent maneuver from whichever angle you choose an save it later for bragging rights.

FIFA 13 is set to launch this September as a universal app.


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  • Maybeckm

    so still no true multiplayer :(

  • Faez_yo

    Umm..Chelsea huh….Btw,Why still use same comentator..??I want martin tyler voice..I expect fifa 13 will change alot but that will not happen..

  • Asdasd

    maybe it will have multiplayer….with easfc and all that stuff!

  • Jimm Jackson

    Manual Skill Moves is awesome. Now let’s get into the game. 
    It changes the way we play entirely 

  • nizy

    Sounds like a decent improvement ov previous versions. The football club feature sounds like the most interesting new feature to me, assuming they constantly update it with fun and variable events (not just 3 different tasks that rotate around).

    That said, is this going to be freemium? I read over at AllThingsD that EA Mobile is moving the majority of its titles to freemium over the next year and if I was a guessing man, Fifa, Madden and NFS would be a part of that! That has me worried about some crappy FarmVille esque IAP and timers.


  • jerem

    wonder how managermode looks like