E3: Blobster Updated Hands-On [video]

A few extra months of polish goes a long way!

I got my grubby hands on a very early build of Blobster back at GDC, and had a great time with it at the time. I had assumed it was very close to launch from the amount of content and quality of gameplay I experienced. Not so. Today Chillingo pulled Blobster out of it’s shiny oil bath to give us another look. It was polished so nicely we practically had to cover our eyes from the glare.

The game is even more colorful now, and features fantastic physics-based puzzles and procedural animations. There are four worlds filled to the brim with hugely varied levels. Seriously, some of these levels were absolutely massive, and will take a good amount of planning and focus to master. The same game mechanics apply as before, with you tilting (or tapping) to roll Blobster around the screen, then stretching and letting go to send him flying through the air. There are even more power ups, enemies, and obstacles now than when we played at GDC.

I’ll let the video below speak for itself, but suffice to say, we are quite impressed with how a game from a single indie developer has progressed into what will surely be a hit on the App Store when it’s released later this month.

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