Eco Punk – review

I have a co-worker constantly hassling our department about going green. We of course understand the need to preserve our recourses, and make sure not to waste our planet. But getting the inbox filled with messages preaching about how to properly sort garbage, clean out waste and how to live green can get on anyone’s nerves. At times it turns into rebellion, and all of a sudden a glass bottle is thrown into the bin for metal recycling. I bet my green co-worker would like to transform into an Eco-Punk, and go futuristic on our asses.

In Eco Punk my green co-worker has got the chance to live out parts of those fantasies. The Eco Punk character is a weird rabbit with a badass attitude, and a skateboard. The aim of the game is to collect garbage in a busy intersection. The character follows your finger, and can move around with both speed and precision. At times though the character moves much quicker than expected due to distance to your finger. I found it hard to make longer movements, and quickly found that small turns works best. I tried the game online, and to me it controlled much better on a larger screen using a mouse. img_0323This somewhat bothered me when I later started playing the iPhone version. Playing on the iPhone using touch controls also means that you cover a lot of the playing area, and that makes the game even harder. Touch controls are preferred by me for most games, but I would like some options when comes to controls. A control pad scheme, and even an accelerometer scheme would give the player a couple of alternatives to choose from.

There are glowing balls that show up after collecting enough garbage, and the Eco Punk can get both a gun and invincibility. Using these abilities the E-Punk and my green co-worker can take out their revenge on the traffic found in the intersection. I tend to crash the worst when I get the gun because the game turns from an avoid em’ up into a shooter in a heartbeat. Once the power up time expires it is back to avoiding Segways and cars again. If you crash into something the game is over, and the E-Punk is dead.

The game comes with three different game modes, but all play the same with the only difference being time and speed. Blitz gives you a minute to score as high as possible, and that is usually the amount of time I survive in the classic mode. In Mindbend mode the speed of traffic is the same as that of Eco Punk. It is quite hard to wrap my head around this mode, and I prefer the Classic and Blitz modes. High scores and achievements are available through Openfeint.

img_0324The presentation in Eco Punk is top-notch with sharp visuals, and a brilliant rock soundtrack. The effects when blowing stuff up with your gun sound and look cool. I really hope that the developer brings the character and graphics into a more full-fledged game. It is something really likeable about E-Punk, and the graphics overall remind me of MiniGore.

Playing Eco Punk is a fun and intense experience for quick sessions. It doesn’t leave any lasting impressions though, and feels a bit too shallow and limited. I hope that Eco Punk is just the first baby step to using the Eco Punk character more. You can try the game online here.

Final Rating


Eco Punk $0.99 Free for 24 hours on 4th of March 2010.
Version: 1.0.3
Seller: Mashak Eng

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  • Nigel Wood, UK

    I love the artsyle, but it is a bit shallow gameplay-wise

  • SIlent Rocco

    Yes, and Canabald or Doodle jump are bad games also, because they are shallow… ;)

    This is not a 40+ hours RPG.
    This is a casual arcade game.

    And a FANTASTIC one!
    My favorite since weeks.
    Really play it every day for way too long.

    5 stars from my side. Just a perfect game.

  • Tim

    I think it’s a really fun casual game. I’d give it 4 stars and say it’s well worth the 99 cents. Actually…it’s free at the moment. :)