Dynamite Fish Review

Physics games are always fun on the iPhone. Here is another one, Dynamite Fish. Will it stand out of the crowd?

Dynamite Fish is a pretty simple game. The idea behind it is that you have a dead fish that you have to get somewhere. How will you do that? Grabbing it and taking it there? No, of course not. That wouldn’t be fun. You have to blow it up.

You have three dynamites at your disposal and you have to place them on the map in any order you want, anywhere you want, and then blow them up in succession so you can get the fish to the desired place. This, of course, involves physics and a lot of thinking. Well maybe not a lot, but somewhat.

The game is pretty fun but to me felt a little bit short and it was sometimes pretty frustrating. It was so frustrating at times that even though the fish was dead already; I wanted to bring it back to life so I could kill him again. This frustration came because there are a total of five scenarios and each have six levels. In order to unlock the next scenario though, you need to have beaten all six levels of the previous scenario. This means that if you can’t beat one level, just one, you are screwed because you won’t be able to continue.


The visuals are pretty, well I would say cute. They are pretty kiddy like and not really mature. The only thing keeping this game from being a kid’s game is the fact that you are blowing up a dead fish, because the truth of the matter is that both the look and feel of the game are pretty kid like.

In the end, if you don’t mind your kid playing these kind of games where he has to take a dead fish to a desired location, even though it is with dynamite, then go ahead and buy it for him. Apart from that though, if you are a big fan of physics/puzzle games, this is definitely a buy for you, but you have to really like this kind of game because if you only play them casually, you should probably pass as there are better offers out there. If you are not sure which way to go though, you can always try the lite version.


Dynamite Fish is out now for $0.99. Get it now on the Dynamite

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