Dungeon Village review

Lance Alot fighting monsters alongside Harli Potter and Stumblemore.

Japanese Kairosoft is back with yet another simulation game, but I have to start by stating that it feels fresh. There are a number of differences between the simulations done by Kairosoft, and Dungeon Village mixes a lot of these into one. It takes one portion city building from Venture Towns, and Oh! Edo Towns. Another portion from the recent Epic Astro Story with specific dungeons, caves and other missions to perform. Finally it melts it all together in a character RPG game not far from that found in Pocket League Story, and Game Dev Story.

The gameplay is divided into building different kinds of buildings to give more revenue. For example building a restaurant gives income, and an archery range gives both income and some skill increases to your inhabitants. It is important to always keep an eye on the town info to see if your buildings are making a profit. If not I have had to remove them, and replace them with more attractive shops. Different buildings effect each other by improving quality, price or how attractive they are. Planting tress, flowers and building roads also improves the stats. If you build too much too quickly you will soon be in the red. Building should be done with caution. Furthermore the vacant houses seem not to affect anything, and I learned the hard way to build them in their own living neighbourhoods.

The second part of the game is to send your adventurers on missions. Without a mission they spend money in your facilities, and walk about the countryside fighting monsters. This yields more income than longer missions, but isn’t as effective when improving the stats of the adventurers. You constantly get new missions from your advisor, and most of the time there is an on-going mission. A mission can last for up to three months before you have to fund it further. This can be disastrous to your economy. I have had to wait for almost five minutes until I have had the chance to perform another mission, or build anything. This is not fun, but it could be even worse. If you fail to slay a boss it keeps attacking the town lowering popularity each time.

The third part is keeping your adventurers in good shape, and happy enough to move in. There are a number of events to initiate to get higher strength/health/toughness/spirit/dexterity/luck ratings. These are performed by using special town points. These points are also used to unlock new buildings, and plants. They fill up when your adventurers are out adventuring, or when you get donations upon fulfilling quests.

There are loads of funny references to different characters from literature, and movies. Lance Alot, Gilly Gamesh, Seffy Roth, Harry Gorn, Stumblemore and Harly Potter are some of the adventurers who have moved into my town. It is easy to tell them apart as well, as they usually come with their own professions.

As I mentioned there is a lot of waiting in Dungeon Village, and this is perhaps the only real complaint I have regarding the gameplay. Other than that this feels as immersive as Game Dev Story, and I have had trouble letting the phone go. On that note it still annoys me that Kairosoft hasn’t started making their games universal with iPad support.

If you are a fan of previous games from Kairosoft you should definitely pick up Dungeon Village as well. To newcomers it might not be the best place to start, and I rather recommend Mega Mall Story or Game Dev Story.

Final Rating


Dungeon Village $3.99
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Kairosoft Co., Ltd

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