Dungeon Raid review

Some games are so darn addictive that I can’t put them down. Wait a minute, just going to clear away some skulls. Oh and pick up some cash, and some armour. I will be with this review momentarily, just have to select a new skill as I levelled up. Some new cool magic or boost attributes? Well it is early in the game, and I better go with some extra strength and defence. Just some more cash to be able to upgrade my gear. Another quick choice of armour or weapon, and the review will start.

img_1763Ok, I am still dragging my finger over skulls and swords to kill baddies. I know I was supposed to start the review about an hour ago, but hey I managed to spend all my spare time this morning with Dungeon Raid. It is so easy to get hooked on the simple game mechanic. No stress, just matching away in my own pace. Oops, now I have let too many skulls populate the screen, and they are diminishing my health and armour. Another choice: getting more health potions or striking back avoiding more damage next round.

I don’t care at all about the simple graphics or the lack of music when playing. A game that is this simple to get into, and get hooked on without fancy presentation has to managed to nailed the gameplay to perfection. Basically Dungeon Raid is a match 3 rogue game. It has some RPG elements, but other than that it is like a simplified Puzzle Quest.

There is no online functionality, and you are only granted local high scores. The game needs to be expanded with achievements, and one of the online social services to be a contender. Furthermore the price is a bit high for a game with such simple presentation. As soon as someone buys it, it is definitely worth the three bucks. But looking at the screenshots alone doesn’t warrant the price tag.

img_1762Dungeon Raid manages to capture the essence of both rogue like dungeon crawling, and addictive match 3 in a easily accessible formula. I hope to see more polish, and some online functionality added to take this to the next level. Now I have had too much break from the game, got to go crack some skulls.

Final Rating

Dungeon Raid $2.99
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Alex Kuptsov

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