Dungeon Hunter review

Diablo, taste the word. Taste it! Dungeon Hunter does not claim to be a clone of Diablo but most of the game community has viewed it as such. So how does it fare when compared to the granddaddy of action RPG:s? Not too well actually. Dungeon Hunter falls short on its own merits, and it is sadly not only the game title that is uninspired and dull.

To me an action RPG should incorporate an epic story of good versus evil. This Dungeon Hunter manages to convey in the opening movie. I felt really pumped to get into the action, and kill that dark presence once and for all. So I choose a warrior to enter into Gothicus.(the most predictable name for a land in a fantasy game ever?) I got to choose zilch, nada, nothing for my hero. No stats to allocate, no powers, and no gear. I got this generic looking warrior to enter into the fray.

img_0282I started out killing some bugs and spiders like in most action RPG:s you get some calm before the storm. I upgraded my warrior in strength as it is really the only attribute he needs out of the four available. The rogue needs dexterity, and the mage needs wisdom for magic. The forth is endurance that I guess relates to how much you can carry, and thus you can skip that as you can sell (transmutate) gear when your hero can’t carry any more. Ok so you only have one attribute to allocate your points on, there goes the RPG element flying out the window. There are also skills you can choose from. You get one skill point for each level you reach. Each skill climbs one equal amount for each point you increase it with. For example regeneration increases with 10 hp for each point. This also limits the RPG idea as you can just make a master regenerater once you reach level ten. Most RPG:s demand more skill points for higher level skills.

img_0288Ok so here I go hacking away with my warrior, and I find some new gear. What can I do to make him the deadliest weapon in the land of Gothicus? Well there is an Autoequip button that does it all for you. If you want to have your own configuration that is ok too but as you find about 20-50 items/weapons/armour pieces every level you traverse there is not much point in wasting time doing it yourself. I have not had the same weapon for more than at most a level. Once you visit a town you can buy new items, and sell your massive surplus. You won’t need to buy stuff though as you will find better weapons once you enter the next level. There is no merging or forging done in Dungeon Hunter. Something I really enjoyed in both Diablo and Baldur’s Gate.

img_0283Ok so now I talk to some people, and proceed in the different quests I get. I complete them all without much telling which are side quests and which related to the main quest. I travel along a set path through Gothicus with little reason to go back. The great introduction to the story shown in the movie when my warrior entered the land feels lost. The story gets more and more predictable, and watered down. Once I completed the game there was not even a movie showing, just the credits. Feels like the team behind the game got just as tired with the game as the story got.

One thing I like in Dungeon Hunter is the inclusion of fairies. They have their own personality based on the elements. Depending on which you choose you get an attack button for the fairy attack. The strength of the attack depends on the element of the enemy. If you get the correct fairy for the task you will have an even easier time killing the opposition.

img_0314Dungeon Hunter is not an action RPG in my opinion, but rather a simple straightforward hack ‘n’ slash with loose controls. It feels really uninspired, and I would rather have had a straight up Diablo clone. It has really good production values that pulls the rating up, but I am finding it hard to recommend it at the asked price of $6.99. I completed it within five hours, and find no reason to play it again. It is another Kroll or Hero of Sparta that looks good but lacks any lasting power.

Presentation and graphics


Dungeon Hunter looks great with quality on par with Baldur’s Gate found on the original Xbox. The visual presentation is stunning, and the opening movie telling the background story is among the best seen on the device.

img_0291I think there is a great lack of variety and inspiration when it comes to the monsters and enemies you meet. Most dungeon crawlers come with a wide array of inspired things to slay but Dungeon Hunter feels a bit stale. Spiders, soldiers and skeletons are ok even though they show zero imagination. The most common enemy though is the slime, and you get green, red and blue slime to fight. Come on Gameloft, seriously is slime the best your creative teams can come up with.

I have to mention the immense loading times as well; I thought it was slow when I started the game on my 3GS. I can accept a loading screen at the start of the game like when playing Gangstar but here you get them whenever you travel to a new location. And even if you regret going to the world map you get a loading screen for the level you were already on.



img_0322The music is suitable orchestral arrangements creating a good fantasy vibe. Sound effects are ok with some nice weapon hitting the target sounds. Still it feels like it has been done before with much better incorporation of voice talent. I would have liked the occasional one liner or at least a war cry from time to time.

You can play your own playlists from within the game, but this cancels all sound effects.

Game play


Neither of the control schemes feel really good. The virtual stick feels strangely unresponsive, and often I found myself running up instead of up and right. Touching the screen to move is the control method I have used the most, but sadly that is even more flawed. Often your avatar skips going where you point, or just stand around when you want to open a nearby chest. Even worse is the situation when you have a group of enemies, and even though I am sure I tap the closest my hero stands still as he can’t reach the enemy behind the other in the group. This is actually the only reason I have died in Dungeon Hunter. The touch controls are also seriously flawed due to all other action buttons found on the screen. I don’t know how many times I have changed tracks in my playlist instead of going up right.

img_0284When you attack something you don’t even have to hack and slash by button mashing. Once the target is chosen your hero will slash away until the foe is vanquished or you are dead. Of course you can interrupt by using magic or a fairy but most of the time that only makes the battles longer.

The challenge in Dungeon Hunter is really low, as you tend to be just on the same level as the opposition at all times. If you encounter more than three you might be in danger but by using a health potion you will most likely make it without too much hassle. There is no need to grind to get your hero’s stats up in Dungeon Hunter. That is a good thing in some regards but I would like to be challenged in a game.

In Diablo and Baldur’s Gate a lot of the dungeon crawling is done just to get better weapons. To find items to combine into fierce weapons and armour. In Dungeon Hunter you get a lot of stuff from fallen enemies and treasure chests. Still most weapons are either stuff that you have already got, or items usable later when on a higher level. I have never had to buy any new equipment in the game as you find almost everything, and often you can’t buy anything better than you have already got. There is no way to combine or forge your own items and weapons. The only thing you need to do to keep yourself fit for fight is to press the Autoequip button in the inventory. The game then selects the best armour, weapons and items for you out of your inventory.

img_0313The game is also totally linear. There are sidequests as well, and without knowing I completed all of them on my first play through. How? Well all of them are on the way of the main quest anyway so you can’t really tell them apart. And the main quest is a linear route from start to finish.

Still I had some fun playing Dungeon Hunter once I stopped seeing this as a Diablo clone with depth and character development, and viewed it as a game like Hero of Sparta and Kroll. Just hack your way from point a to point b.

Game life


Dungeon Hunter is an easy game to complete within five hours, and once you do there is not much more to do with it. You can complete it with the three different classes, and choose to upgrade other skills. Still it is the same linear story, and the total lack of challenge. If this game had at least given you a reason to play again with randomised dungeons or something. You get achievements from time to time but those really don’t add anything as you will get most of them without any extra effort.

Final rating


img_0323Dungeon Hunter looks good and sounds good but at heart it is a shallow and uninspired game with a serious lack of game life. If you are looking for a good dungeon crawler try Rogue Touch, and choose Zenonia for your RPG needs. If on the other hand you are looking for a hack ‘n’ slash in the vein of Hero of Sparta or Kroll this might suit you fine. Beware though that you won’t be challenged, and that it won’t last for more than a couple of hours.

Dungeon Hunter $6.99

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  • sa66o6

    This is the dumbest and gayest review i’ve seen ever!I mean pocketgamer 9/10,slide to play 4/4,touch arcade 4.5/5,app vee 4.6/5.And you?HAHAHAHA
    Maybe the guy that review this game just can’t play it.With his huge fingers.
    Seriously,this review suck.You are giving a game like Family Guy: Uncensored,which is gust a compilation of few mini games a better score?

  • TG-Dave

    Well since this is a review, and a review is a statement of opinion, then I fail to see a problem here. If you personally do not agree with the review then that is fine, but calling the review gay and retarted seems like a but of stretch to me. If he feels the game lacks a long life span, which is a huge part of the overall appeal of the game, then the score is going to suffer. The visuals and sound were scored very highly, but if he felt the game wasn’t very fun to play then it’s obviously not going to get a great score.

  • Dan

    I’d have given a 4/5, but to each their own. The only real complaints I have with the title are:
    1.) My fingers sneak into the way sometimes.
    2.) If you chose to play as each class, the story is identical.
    3.) I tend to get stuck on random objects in the environment.

    With all that said, it’s a shame that the review here is so low. To each their own though.

  • kabal

    Worst review ever. Are you trying to get hits off a premiere title that’s already critically and commercially acclaimed? Surely there’s another way.

  • Nathan Mustafa


    The reviewer in question has played more iPhone games than most, and as he has seen the breadth of quality on the App store and reviewed a good portion of it I can hardly think of anyone more eminently qualified to review an iPhone game. Unless of course the website you write for is somehow mor… oh wait you don’t.

    Furthermore, on the review scale 3 stars is indeed good. I know for a fact that the reviewer took quite a bit of time out of his schedule to review this game so that readers and possible purchasers could see what he thought of it. Instead of seeing this, people like you insinuate that the reviewer is somehow incapable of seeing the true qualities of a game. Perhaps you have sunk money into the game and are sad that his opinion did not validate your own. Unfortunately, your opinion will never be valid in any sense of the word.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    I am not writing reviews to sell games or to confirm what other reviewers think. Nope, I write reviews because I want to give advice on which games to get. When a game claims to be an action RPG for example I have to examine it out of my collected experience of similar games. Having spent 100s of hours on Diablo and Baldurs Gate I can safely say that Dungeon Hunter is not an action RPG. It lacks action as you simply choose enemy and your hero hacks away on his own. The RPG element with exciting character development is non-existent, and side quests aren’t really optional as you go by them anyway. I want to warn those who look for an action RPG that this is not it.

    I say in the review that I enjoyed playing the game, and yes I did. But that is when I view it as a kind of Hero of Sparta or Kroll. If the game had been labeled adventure hack ‘n’ slash it could perhaps received a higher score. On the other hand it is still too easy. I beat the final boss with just 6 potions, and my warrior hacked away on his own for 30 seconds. Not really exciting is it?

    I have checked the other reviews from IGN, Pocketgamer and SLidetoplay. Slidetoplay(4/4) for example mentions a deep upgrade/loot system, and a quick map letting you move between areas on the fly, what? IGN(7,9) gives it a 7.5 in game length, what? Pocketgamer mentions the wonky controls but still gives it a 9, what? I don’t agree with these review scores, and I don’t have to. As little as you need to agree with mine.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback. If it is a five-star game to you, fine, but I doubt you will play it beyond this weekend if you beat the game.

  • Zachary Behrendt

    Oh Christ, here we go again…

    I have nothing to say about the game itself this time around because, though I have purchased Dungeon Hunter, I’ve yet to play it. Otherwise, I’ve got plenty.



    I find it interesting how most people who yell and scream in these comment sections tend to write very poorly, and your comment is no exception. I interjected my opinion into the Modern Combat comment section with the hope that a more articulate dialogue could be established in terms of my own frustration with Matt’s review. It ultimately wasn’t the score but the syntax that I disliked. With this game, well, I’ll have to play it to see if Torbjorn’s opinion is “gay”. One thing’s for sure, though: I’ll listen to him before I listen to you, as he can actually write.


    Right on. A game can look and sound like ass and still be awesome as long as it’s fun. “Fun” of course is about as subjective an assessment as there is in reviewing a video game, but it is absolutely vital. Fun manufactures game life. If the gameplay’s no good, you won’t want to play it, period. Even if the campaign lasts 100 hours, you won’t want to play it for a second if it isn’t fun.


    No offense, but the old “start your own website if you think you’re so cool” thing is lame. If you guys don’t want people to comment on your reviews as they see fit, for better or worse, you should remove the comment feature from this site. He’s a dumbass, but he has the right to come on here and say what he likes. And honestly, his opinion is no less “valid” than Torbjorn’s. It’s just that Torbjorn isn’t calling anyone’s opinion dumb or gay. Or invalid.


    Thank you for your sane, calm, rational response to these shenanigans. You’re my hero. Don’t take this the wrong way but, since I’ve already spent $7 on this game, when I finally do play Dungeon Hunter, I hope that I disagree with you. ;)

  • kabal

    @ Nathan Mustafa, what a stupid argument. Did you really say we can’t disagree with the reviewer because we aren’t reviewers for game sites? I suppose you give no argument when your mechanic fails to fix your car, since you aren’t one. You are no politician, so why question your leaders?

    Or are you posting terrible opinions to go along with the review?

  • sa66o6

    The review is not gay,it’s gust not good enough.About the presentation,you sad that there isn’t any variety in the enemy’s.Spiders,soldiers,slime and skeletons,yes it is standard but wat more do you want?A green bunny on a flying carpet?And you are giving the game life 2 stars.Then why it took you so long to make the review?The game came out a pretty long time ago,and you have taken a lot of your time playing the game,so?You are saying that the game is playing identical to Diablo,Baldur’s gate,and then you give the gameplay 2.5.If it plays like one of the best games ever,the game needs 4 for gameplay(one star should be taken because there isn’t “originality”).i know you are giving your personal opinion,but maybe it’s gust too personal,and not objectively enough.Maybe you gust don’t like rpg’s.This game have good story and a lot of dept,but maybe for one think we have the same opinion,zenonia play’s better.It is more or less completely different experience,but it is good one.But for anyone wanting good hack and slash rpg game,Dungeon Hunter is the best choice.


    wow! thats all i have to say!!!!


    by the way 3 stars is a good rating by touchgen standards. just saying…

  • Nigel

    I love these comments… agree with people or not it’s great to see that reviewers and players a like are passionate about this platform. If you don’t agree with Torbjorn, then that’s fine, but he’s entitled to his opinion… as are you.

  • RSlade

    Cute, a Tymbark reference…
    Freaky ad to find on a package..
    “TASTE IT!!”

  • BBK357

    This is all too bad, because i am really starting to doubt some of the reviews on this site. some of these 1hour, lackluster titles are getting better ratings than the more “epic” games that last a way longer. a game full of nothing but lame minigames gets a better score than actual full games that have heart and an actual story.
    torbjorn, you gave IDROPDEAD a 4star review, while saying “its basically just a rag doll simulator”…. I just dont understand the rating system of this site.
    I hate to mention other sites on here, but to be honest, seems to be on track with all of their reviews, nomatter who writes them. this site boggles my mind with some of the reviews.
    I still love this site and you guys have one of the best podcast, but it seems that the reviews need to be more in sync to make sense.

  • Nathan Mustafa

    I don’t mind when people disagree with a review, but the comment I was angry about made me upset because it decided to simply laugh at the reviewer.

    Yes, he does have the right to say what he wants. The fact that he chose to laugh at Torbjorn’s “huge fingers” while throwing out the rest of that garbage which in no way offered anything constructive means that what he had to say was stupid. Unlike what we learned in grammar school, there are stupid answers. The commenter did his best to demonize Torbjorn’s opinion through his own opinion. Is no one else allowed to respond in kind?

    The commenter obviously felt like putting himself in a position in which he would feel superior to the reviewer. While I have indeed directed criticism towards a car mechanic, I did not outright laugh at him and say that I would have been able to fix it better because I can fix cars and don’t have fat hands. There is a reason we take our cars to the shop and elect politicians. Furthermore, there is a reason that people read this review. People have their jobs, and I was simply noting that before you start throwing out phrases like, “seriously, this review suck,” you may want to take into consideration what that job entails. Had the commenter said, “I think the reviewer should have taken X into account, and he was too harsh on Y” I would not question what he had to say. As it stands, he chose to say,”WTF??????????????????????????????????????
    This is the dumbest and gayest review i’ve seen ever!”

  • Nathan Mustafa

    But it wouldn’t be hyperbole to say I overreacted! :)

  • Jas

    An extremely thorough review, well researched and well written – in my opinion.

    Not sure why some people are upset that the review differs from others? Perhaps, as I suspect, this one is more accurate and thorough.

  • Zachary Behrendt


    Yeah, the “huge fingers” thing was definitely uncalled for on sa66o6′s part. And you’re right to get all up in his face for being a tool. And I would go so far as to say that you didn’t overreact, because he threw down the gloves first. You absolutely have the right to respond in kind.

    But I think it behooves you guys to make sure you don’t give a chump like him any more ammunition to attack Torbjorn or anyone else with. That’s all I’m sayin’. :)

    Keep up the good work, all of you!

  • AstroBoy

    Good review man!

    enough with all those clones of existing games, we want innovation!!

  • Dan

    So, in summary, where’s our podcast from last week?

  • sa66o6

    @Torbjorn Kamblad,sorry about my first comment.Your review is not the most gayest think ever,but perhaps my comment was.I know this is your opinion.I still think that that the score is whey too low,but.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    @sa66o6. No worries, even though I was hoping to at least keep a nomination for the gayest review ever:) Was going to put that in my resume.

    I knew I opened a can of worms once I published the review after the discussions that came from Matt’s Modern Combat review:

    Anyway I appreciate the feedback, and to me the most important thing when looking for games is finding reviews written from different angles by reviewers with different experiences and preferences. Hopefully you find a reviewer that suits what you look for in a game. To me a game needs to be challenging, control well and include what the publisher advertises on the App Store page.

  • Sinayyde

    Gay ass review, Dungeon Hunter was in the Appstore weeks ago, taken down after a day, and word of mouth on the few who downloaded was so good 2 weeks later when it returned it’s in the top 10. Plus all other reviewers loved it. This is no iFart app that got hyped, it’s popular cause it deep and polished.

    So either you’re doing this for the contravesy hits (more comments here than your last 10 articles combined) or the only thing you like “deep and polished” is your xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and the perceived competition scares you.

    Have a glorious day.

  • tre

    I really like this site above other app review sites – stand out, in-depth reviews! Keep up the GREAT work, i’m impressed. & I will probably pass on Dungeon Hunter.

  • DannyV

    @Torbjorn Kamblad
    While I don’t agree with your score of the game, I can respect your opinion. I usually don’t like RPG’s but this one really drew me in and it may just be because it’s easier, but I kind of like that. I think that’s what Gameloft is going for with this one, something that a lot of people can play. I would though disagree on the game life. I believe that it would be quite a long game if you played with all the characters and such. I know you finished the main story one time through but did you get all of the achievements? That’s why they put those there so that the game life is made longer. Like I said, while I disagree with this review, respect for you as a human being should be a given. I’d hate to see you go because of some ignorant person’s comment. Just know that your opinion matters more than the average person, because it’s on a site, so people are naturally going to speak out.

  • Tim

    Torbjorn, I am really sad to see your update stating that you will not be writing any more game reviews. I hope you will have a change of heart, because let’s be honest, the comments really don’t reflect the opinions of most readers. On the internet, as in life, people rarely take the time to compliment others and yet are all too ready and willing to chime in when they have criticism.

    Case in point: I honestly love this site for its well-written, thoughtful, detailed, honest, and unbiased reviews, and I had only just decided that your reviews were my favorite on the site. Not that I always agree with your scores, but I do think your statements are accurate and your analysis is spot-on with regard to overall gaming experience. We do all have personal tastes, and that’s where scores come in. Write-ups, however, are the meat of the matter, and yours leave nothing to be desired. So, great work–I hope you’ll think better of taking what a few vocal internet know-it-alls have to say seriously and don’t let it stand in the way of doing something you, and many or most of your readers (a silent majority, I’d wager) enjoy.

  • Tim

    Oh, and yes that was my first comment on the site ever. I forgot to mention that, but I was hoping that it would help add to my point.

  • Nathan Mustafa

    “I am really sad to see your update stating that you will not be writing any more game reviews” Erm, where did you see this?

  • Dan

    It’s in the first lines of the review Nathan.

    I don’t need to see the removed post, but for shame on whoever took it that far. While I for one didn’t agree with the post I’d like to think I responded in a mature manure. One does not need to agree with everything they see or hear, just act in a mature manor.

    I wouldn’t stop writing reviews if it were me. To be honest I’ve not agreed with over half of the final score reviews on this site, but I come back everyday because they point out things I did not notice. Basically, I do enjoy the body of the review, but the score at the end I rarely do. =)

    Don’t let one a-hole detour you, it’s not worth it.

  • Dan

    um in a side note, instead of typing manor, i somehow typed manure! lol

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    I will focus on gear reviews. Thanks for your support. Sadly the insult I got from a user named Jarfield is beyond what I can take. He basically says that I am a pedophile, and as a father of two that is something I can’t take.

    Being the gayest review ever is not personal, and most of the critisism has been good and constructive. The personal insults by Jarfield and Sinyyde are not cool. I spent my saturday evening writing this review in over 1700 words in my second language.

    I will try to find another forum for my game reviews that hopefully caters to a more mature crowd where people like Jarfield and Sinyyde are rare.


  • Dan


    If people had to register and the comment system was so open, there would be less Jarfield and less Sinyyde.

    Why don’t you introduce a registration system and go from there. Hell, for a while make it so users can’t comment on your review until you’re ready to again.

    You’ll regret not doing what you love.

  • Dan

    Also, if you’re not reviewing who will? 8/10 reviews tend to be yours lol.

  • Quest

    Thank you for the honest review.

    This is exactly what I want to hear in a review, what a game has and does no have without the marketing brown-nosing fluff many sites have these days.

    Charactor customization and developmet along with weapon and gear customization, and finally end-game ‘hard modes’ or ‘endless dungeons’ or ‘unlock harder difficulty’ are KEY, let me say that again, KEY to people that have sort of good taste in action RPGs and RPGs in general. Without those things its just a platformer with uneeded button presses.

    They FAILED with endgame in Zenonia while getting everything else a solid 8/10, and I will be saving 7$ by not buying this.

    Thank you.

  • Nathan Mustafa

    Oh wow, didn’t read the update.

    It is of course your decision Torbjorn and after making such a big statement it would be hard to go back on it. Just know that it is hard to find a corner of the internet where trolls do not roam. That being said I respect whatever you want to do and am saddened not only that someone would say something so terrible but also that it would cause us to lose your presence on the site. We both joined at about the same time, and in that time you have written orders of magnitude more than myself. You are an excellent games critic and wherever you land is lucky to have you.

  • Marcus

    You have some good points, absolutely. But maybe you should do some research before stating things like you only need one stat and that endurance is only for carrying things. You need endurance for hit points and much more. Also rogues need some strength.

  • Jas

    Gay review? eh?

    ….have I accidentally clicked on the wrong web site?

    Seriously though, WTF is a gay review anyway?

  • Dan

    It’s when two reviews of the same game really love each other.

  • Nigel

    Any comments that attack the writers on this site are unacceptable and will be deleted!

    Kindly keep your bullying tactics to yourself. If you don’t agree with a reviewers opinion then please debate them in a constructive manner.

  • Dan

    Nigel, if I may. I really think forcing registration to comment helps keep some trolls at bay.

    Also, you’re the closest one to sweeden. This means it’s on you to go take kam out for a beer and convince him to keep writing.

  • Qasim

    What you are leaving??!! Wow some people are so cruel and nasty. I’d like to see you write good, quality reviews every day.

    Please stay Torbjorn!

  • Jeremie

    Hello Torbjorn,

    I am so happy to see someone not lured into sky-high ratings by the amazing graphics of a game and the others’ reviews.
    At least I know you really took the required time (not too much though…just kidding^^) to finish the game. Those who talk about Dungeon Hunter as a DEEP game… polished for sure but DEEP surely not.
    So yes, as Qasim just said, please stay!!

  • Ricky Tiki

    You guys have to be joking. You do remember you’re playing this on a CELL PHONE, right? Of course it’s deep, it would be a deep RPG on the Nintendo DS, so why wouldn’t it be deep here? Serious;y comparing content update of this to Diablo (a top tier PC game) and you deduct points due to content? You’ve clearly lost your marbles.

  • Dan

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  • BBK357

    that was fu@$ing gay

  • Dan

    Weird Al Song, so yea… like you said… I figure I’d bury Ricky since he’s late to the party and clearly here to stir the pot.