Dropship review

The much anticipated Dropship is here. You play a space pilot who’s mission it is to retrieve your stranded friends and also cargo pods. All the while navigating perilous walls and caverns, and avoiding the enemy gun installations out to destroy you.

The presentation is top notch, take a bit of Tron and inject it with a bit Geometry Wars and your almost there. Your ship moves on a 2D plane, but the environments, your ship and enemies are presented in full 3D…. all rendered in a transparent neon vector style. Controls work beautifully, with a virtual dual analogue setup. Using the left side of the screen you touch and drag in the direction you want your ship to fly. A cool looking and useful graphic overlay indicates your input showing what direction and the amount of acceleration. For shooting you use the right side in the same manner, except this controls the direction of fire, much like Geometry Wars.

Gameplay-wise you can select from either Free play – which drops you into a variety of levels requiring you to save a set amount of friends before progressing to the next level – and Campaign mode that requires you to retrieve a cargo pod, which once collected activates a countdown time limit for you to reach the level exit. For points you also have the chance to save some of your stranded friends, but the pods are the main objective.

Levels consist of caverns to navigate, which get larger and more intricate the further you get. A small rotating map of each level is available at the level select screen to give you an idea of what you are up against. Enemies will try and take you out, and if they hit you will drain your energy. Hitting the floors and walls of the caves will have the same effect. Luckily, when destroyed, enemies leave energy orbs behind which top up your health bar.

A nice touch and a feature becoming a regular feature in NGMOCO releases is that the game adds the names of people from your address book and assigns them to the friends you must rescue in the game, which is cool.

If your are a shooter fan, especially contemporary shooters like Geometry wars, everyday shooter and Super stardust, you’ll lap this up. It has great controls, cool looking graphics and sound, and addictive gameplay with plenty of challenge to keep you coming back for more.


Presentation and Graphics
Great presentation, a cool futuristic art style with great neon weapon effects.


Music is the usual heavy hitting techno, very fitting for this kind of game. And the sound effects sound great too.


Addictive retrieval style play, while not wholly original (see Asterope), is crafted really well as short, arcade-style, bursts.


As well as the campaign mode, there’s downloadable levels, achievements to unlock and free play.


Game rating

With Dropship, NGMOCO have crafted the best arcade shooter for iPhone thus far.















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