Droplitz Review

Do you remember the game Plinko from The Price is Right?  In this game, contestants would drop a disc down and it would bounce off pegs, making a path to the bottom where they hoped it would rest in a high scoring spot.  That’s what I first thought of when I saw Droplitz; a game in which balls pop out of the top tubes, and follow your paths to the bottom.

The game features a simple concept, but but is challenging. When I first opened this game, I went to the help screen, to learn the basics. Easy enough there, but if you haven’t seen the game itself, the instructions were a little confusing. There are three difficulties:  Normal, Hard, and Infinite balls. Normal droplitz1is where I spent most of my time. The only difference I noticed between the two were the speed at which balls were dispensed. There are also three color schemes in the options menu, which is a nice little addition to the game. I played with the blue theme, and all looked decent.

Once I started playing, I was hooked. I am actually quite surprised at how addicting this game is.  I sat there for a good 20 minutes playing, looked at the clock, and then panicked that I was now late to drop a friend off at work. After the trip, I came back and played this game for another half hour. As of now, I’ve logged a good two hours playing, and I look forward to some more quality time while manning a fireworks booth later today.

The gameplay is simple enough, you rotate the spheres to make paths from the top to the bottom.  Each time the dispensers on top spin, they release a new ball to go cascading down your trail and into the collectors at the bottom.  The more paths you create, the higher your multiplier gets.  For instance, you will make one path, then a red “bonus ball” drops and make it’s way to the bottom.  If you can complete a second path before the red ball gets there, then your multiplier will go up, and a new red ball will drop.  These secondary paths can be anything from one more curve that connects two parts of the same path, or a totally new path that you were quick enough to complete.  Each time the red balls get to the bottom, your ball count to the side gets restocked with however many balls were in at the time.  This can be handy, as a few times I have had an empty stock of balls, but a good eight in play.  I completed the paths, and all eight were added back to my reserve.  The game will droplitz3automatically give you a new set of paths if there are no ways to get from the top to the bottom, which makes it tough sometimes when you can’t figure it out. But you can’t blame the game for not giving you a path.

The sound is pretty good background music serenades you as you play, giving it a nice peaceful feel. The ratchet sounds as you rotate your spheres are good, and there ia nothing annoying or overwhelming. I quite enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, this game has only one mode. There are a couple difficulties, but I would gladly welcome a puzzle mode, similar to the one on Trism. where you have X moves to get the balls to the bottom.  A vs mode for head to head gameplay would have been nice as well. Also, there’s no leaderboard, as it only records the difficulty’s highest score.  The “more Droplitz” button in the main menu takes you to a website which displays different game modes and layouts, but none of them are actually in the game… yet.

Presentation & Graphics
Simple, smooth, and not a lot to distract you.

Sound has a nice ambient feel, sound effects are nice but not annoying.

Fun, and keeps you entertained for a while.  Not the best, but good.

It keeps you entertained for a few hours, but beyond that, it depends on how much you enjoy puzzle games.

Game Rating


With more gameplay modes, Droplitz would get a higher score. Despite this, it is a solid little puzzle game that’s definitely fun, and will keep you entertained for a while.

Droplitz – $1.99

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  • Jay Wayne

    Hi Justin :)

    Great review, that was a really fun read.

    I just wanted to let you know that the other game modes are actually from the Xbox360, PlayStation3 and PC versions of the game (as you said ‘for now’).

    You can see video of the game here: