Drop 7 Review

Sometimes I get sick of all the puzzle games I have to review, but then a game like Drop 7 comes by and reminds me why I love puzzle games.

This is one of those games that can be hard to describe, so let me copy and paste the app store description:

Drop numbered discs into the grid. Whenever the number on a disc matches the amount of discs in its row or column it disappears. Keep the board open to keep scoring, and survive as long as you can. Clear the board or set off huge chains for big bonus points.

940763_4That explains the gameplay, but to explain what this game will do to you. Drop7 is pure puzzle crack. After your first round you will get how the game works and, if you anything like me, will become hopelessly addicted.

The game doesn’t pressure you buy having a time limit, or holding out helpful peices, it’s a pure puzzler where you can take your time (or not) to clear the board. One place this zen attitude really shows up is in the highscores. Instead of focusing on your highest score (which is stored) it shows you your overall average score and if your score is trending up or down. This let’s you see if your improving or stalling, and it’s a really neat feature.

The only thing I don’t like about Drop7 is the sound. The music is a bit annoying and the sound effects are okay. Fortunately you don’t need any of things to enjoy the game. Personally I turn on my ZenBound soundtrack and get lost in the game. It’s really hard to put this game down once you get going. Feel like the game is getting to easy? Try hardcore mode where you really have to push those nurons to get far.

Presentation & Graphics
Drop 7 has good graphics, it works well for the game and it’s very clean and easy on the eyes. Ideally I would like to see more themes to change it up over time.

Nothing special here. I prefer to play my own music in the backround, and the in-game sound effects get the job done.

The gameplay is nothing short of stellar. The puzzle mechaninc is simple and addicting, you will love it!

Excellent game life. I’ve had this game for over and moth, and I keep coming back to it. It’s really addicting.

Game Rating
I find Drop7 to be a true standout among the sea of ordinary puzzle games. In fact of all my puzzle games it’s this and ZenBound I find myself playing the most.

Drop7 ($.99)

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  • Jay

    hmm. all of 2day’s reviews are 4 stars or up.


    wierd. i was just about to say the exact same things as Jay. (honestly, not joking)

  • TSP

    This is the most played game on my device ever. I would rate it even higher than Nacho.

  • Nacho

    is it TSP, pronounced tisp, or Tablespoon.

  • silentrocco

    Best puzzle game on the iPhone.

  • Ben Fis

    I absolutely love this game. It is pretty awesome.

  • MyZuneBroke

    I entered the contest to win this game that IPGN recently ran, and unfortunately came out empty handed. Yet spurred on by positive reviews I purchased the game and was glad I did not receive it for free. Why? Because I want the team that made this to have every cent of my 2.99. I am usually not into “original” puzzle games, but this game simply pushes all the right buttons. Drop 7 is unique, engaging, simple, and well worth the asking price.

  • joe

    Nacho- tsp is teaspoon, tbsp is tablespoon… but I like where your head’s at.

  • Got

    I just love it! I play it at least once every day… pure addiction!
    The only problem with it is that I play it on Android-based HTC Tattoo and that the game crashes each and everytime I get “Game Over” (android people know the “Force Close” stuff).