DrawRace review

What do you get if you combine the intuitive touch controls found in Flight Control with some old school top down racing? You get DrawRace from RedLynx, and a whole lot of fun.

When I first took a look at DrawRace at the App Store I thought it was a stupid idea to draw the route of your race car. I thought you could just draw as quickly as possible to win, and boy was I wrong. The speed with which you draw affects the speed of the car. To be able to handle corners and hairpins you have to adjust the speed not to just slide like a maniac loosing speed. You have to find the best racing line, and focus on getting good speed out of corners to win. The AI controlled opponent is hard to beat if you just go for speed without control.

img_0534The races are held on a variety of tracks adding different kinds of challenges with hairpins, tires and different surfaces. 20 tracks forcing you to find the best racing lines are available. I think that there are enough tracks to get quite a lot of gamelife out of DrawRace. What I would have liked is a track editor to be able to create and share your own tracks.

The graphics are bright, clean and feels just right for the game. Being an old Amiga gamer I must say that it reminds me a bit of SuperCars 2. The drivers look like cartoons with a lot of personality. The cars themselves are a bit bland, and I would have liked to be able to choose among a few different looks.

img_0536Positive upbeat techno with some classic 8-bit influences greets you at the menus. The sound effects are great with engine noise suitable to those small cars on screen. Honking horns and applauding crowds when winning is a real boost. If you play your own music when starting the game it lets you both have your music and sound effects, great.

Getting the hang of the game takes little to no time, and once you do you can start comparing your scores against players all over the world. The game tells you how good you are, and for example that you are better than 40% of the world on the track you raced. This is a really cool feature that works great even through Edge.

Three players battling it out, great fun!

Three players battling it out, great fun!

All games have some kind of shortcoming, and DrawRace is no exception. With only one pre-set level of difficulty you will eventually become too good to feel the least challenged by the AI car. When this happens I think you will have gotten quite a lot of fun racing for your buck already though. Something else I find missing is customization of cars and drivers, and the aforementioned lack of track editor. These are small demands not affecting the brilliant gameplay.

The multiplayer modes in the reviewed version (1.0) are two and three player pass and play. It is super fun taking turns drawing the line for your race car, and then having all two or three racing at once. It is the best pass and play multiplayer I have tried for the iPhone yet.

DrawRace took me by surprise, and showed me a completely new way of playing a racing game. And the great thing is that it really feels like racing, even though you only draw where the care should go. To me this is a must-buy! If you are out travelling with friends or family this summer you will have a whole lot of fun playing the local multiplayer.

Final Rating


DrawRace $0.99

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