Dragooo HD – review

Tiger Wasp Entertainment have come to the iPad scene with virtual pet game Dragooo HD. Your goal is to raise and nurture your own dragon from an egg to teen then put your dragon to the test in racing and combat minigames. On paper this concept sounds like a great idea, however the final game falls short of being engaging and entertaining.

Graphically, Dragooo HD looks great on the iPad, the HD visuals and the bright colours placed in the dark cave setting, coupled with the background music really set the ambience of fantasy however you are mostly restricted to the cave and it’s few activities.

dragooohd300x225-751After hatching your dragon egg, your new pet Dragon will grow through 3 stages: Baby, Toddler and Teen. During all three stages it’s up to you to keep it fed, well rested and loved. You do this by taking him or her, to the waterfall and tapping the water to drink, and fill their belly by dragging either fireflies, bats or rabbits to your dragon’s mouth depending on their age, stroking or tickling your Dragon will let them know they’re loved and dragging them up with your finger then releasing them will teach dragon how to fly.

Once you’ve reached the third and final stage of your dragon’s growth cycle they’ll be able to fly and this opens races. There are 5 tracks available to race round but the visuals in all of them are a similar cave setting so there is no real variation here other than the route. During the races (that play out more like time trials) you can utilise your pets fire breathing capabilities to smash through ice walls as you progress to the finish line whilst you collect as many gems as you can to use towards customising your adopted fire breathing reptilian new amour and wing upgrades. The customisation of your creature is shallow and doesn’t push any boundaries.


The second minigame available starts when you put your Dragon to sleep and you ‘Enter a Dream’. Here the game switches to a 2D view and consists of flying around the screen using a virtual control stick and breathing fire to eliminate waves of enemies before the timer runs out. Every time you’re hit you take a time penalty and every wave of enemies you defeat you’re granted time added on for the next wave. Power-Ups fall out of the sky giving you either split shot, rapid fire or beam shot. Other power ups include speed up and extra time added on. Once your time runs out the ‘dream’ ends and your taken back to the cave. Fortunately, if this is your favourite part of the game you don’t have to tire your dragon out before entering a dream again.

OpenFeint support means you can challenge your friends to beat your highscores but Dragooo’s biggest drawback is there really isn’t too much to do. The official website boasts: “It is only the beginning of this magical journey. There are many more quests and adventures around the bend…” but they’ll have to add a lot more to make this a must buy.

Presentation and Graphics


Sharp high definition visuals really set the atmosphere in Dragooo HD



The background audio and sound effects compliment the scenery



The gameplay is shallow and the camera controls are over sensitive



You will have a fully grown dragon in under 45 minutes and after completing the races and dream minigame the game becomes repetitive

Final Rating


Dragooo HD is a simple game, but the lack of activities means it wears thin very quickly. Not for the hardcore gamer.

Dragooo HD is out now for $3.99. Get it on the GHOSTS'N

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