Dragons’ Den review

I am out, this is ludicrous and ridiculous.It is a complete waste of my children’s inheritance, and Mrs. P would scold me if I bought it. You lost me with zero gameplay, and nothing worth investing in. If there ever was a business plan outlining a game with zero fun this is it.

Dragons’ Den lets you play as one of five generic fictional dragons. Five business ideas are presented, and it is up to you to decide whether to invest or not. If you invest you have to specify the amount of money to invest, and for what equity of the shares you are prepared to enter the deal. The entrepreneur then decides who to go with. After that you will see if the business is a goldmine, hit or flop. A ranking shows how you do compared to the other dragons. Repeat five times, and then the episode ends. You are then free to end the game, or start the next episode.

img_0103This is not fun, and I really want to kick the people responsible for creating such poor gameplay in the knees. The different dragons have different specialities that is written down in text. Why could this not have been shown in diagrams to give the game at least a mathematical take on the decisions the entrepreneurs make. Now it all feels really random, and I loose investments even when the numbers are with me. So much more could have been done with an interesting concept as the Dragons’ Den. Now it is a humourless, and empty experience.

Playing head to head against one to three friends should give the game more than it does. Still the same boredom ensues, and everything seems random. As there is no way for a dragon to affect the outcome rather than using the money and equity demand the interaction is nonexistent. I really think there should be some kind of discussion among the dragons, and the entrepreneur. Too many times it feels like the developer hasn’t even seen the show, or grasped what it is actually about.

img_0100The presentation is not good at all. It tries to look realistic, and sadly either the techniques available or the designers are not up to it. Now it looks blocky, jerky and especially on the larger iPad it looks appalling. There is no voice work in the game which is weird considering that it is derived from a show. All you are left with is some of the musical pieces, and those get really repetitive.

Dragons’ Den is a real flop, and all I can say is avoid it. It is the worst game I have had the misfortune to test, and sadly it is universal and has soiled both my iPhone and my iPad. This is ludicrous, and I am out.

Final Rating


Dragons Den £1.79  Universal
Version: 1.1
Seller: 2waytraffic UK Rights Ltd

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  • Nigel Wood, UK


  • Austin Morrow

    LOL Indeed. By the way, Dave gave ‘Get out of my Way’ 1 star, not a half, so it wasn’t terrible. ;)