Dracula: The Path of the Dragon – Part 3 review

Finally we can see the end of the adventure we embarked on about three months ago. In the third part in the Path of the Dragon trilogy we finally get to see some proper blood, and even an encounter with a vampire lord.

If you have been following the first two parts of the trilogy you most certainly know the gameplay mechanics by now. You walk around, and interact with red circles and red arrows. For the third part you also get a couple of occasions where you don’t have any visual cues, but have to work your way around using common knowledge. The touch controls are responsive, and it is quite easy to get the game to do what you want. There is not much to do though, and I really miss out on there being no way to combine items in your inventory.

img_5024The puzzles in the third part are generally harder than those found in the earlier parts. This is mainly due to a lot of content being left out of the game from the PC version. This means that some puzzles come with no build up, and you basically have no information to solve them with. Going through your inventory and documents the puzzles are solvable, but it turns into a dead slow pace. I would rather have had the entire game with all the puzzles, or even completely new puzzles instead of the odd hard puzzle that feels a bit out of context. Some parts of the story also feel slightly off as puzzles and content are missing.

img_0081If you have played, and enjoyed the first two parts you should definitely get this as well to find out what happens. The third part takes about an hour to complete, and that clocks the entire trilogy to around three hours. For me it is barely worth getting the complete game for $5 as there is little to no reason to replay it. Furthermore there is a lot of reused material for the three parts. To save bandwidth I hope that a complete game is released at a discounted price to make it worthwhile. If you haven’t embarked on the journey yet I don’t see a reason to get three different titles at a total of 1.2 GB instead of one at about 700 MB.

Final Rating


Dracula: Path of the Dragon – Part 3 $1.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Chillingo Ltd.

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  • Corinne

    Dracula 3 the path of the dragon part 3

    Good day, do you have by any chance the solution of this game (on iPhone) because I’m stock infront of the cranes.

    Tks and regards

  • BobMarlene

    Sorry for not being able to help… I’m stuck in the inn: I have a box of drawing-pins but I don’t know how to extract one to disable the mecanism which makes the whole place blow away… Could you help me with that?


  • inox

    you have only to pinch one drawing-pin in the door and then you use the knife , after that you get in the room and you detach the bomb on the door; anyone has a soluce with the skulls ?

  • Angie

    Tears to tears
    sweat to sweat
    blood to blood
    what do I do and how!?????

  • Angie

    To do the skulls you need to use the syringe on the three skulls, one on the top left bottom an top center… I can’t remember how they look.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden


    You have to connect the white to white, red to red, and brownish to brownish. It can be done, but it took me some trial and error.

  • Tony, DK

    can someone help with a better description of what to do at the scull part?

  • amber

    WHAT IS THE 7 letter word to type in by the fireplace???

  • Yima

    Amber to open the safe by the fire place it’s the old man’s birthday in roman numbers MCMXIII

  • Steven

    How can i Escape from the laboratory after i complete the analisys on my blood ? The door closed and i’m stuck in the room . Can’t get out .

  • Nick

    use the acid on the door edges

  • Mia

    @Angie Try to connect the sweat to sweat by going right to left three rows down so it looks like a C facing up. Blood to blood do the same only left to right three rows up to form a C facing down. Now try snaking the tears to tears threw the C’s by starting at the top and working down.

    @Tony Use your syringe on 3 skulls (Upper left with hat and scarf on it, ,bottom middle skull and skull with little hat middle right in no particular order)

  • perry

    I am stuck in part 3
    Went in the Grave thing… got a cross.
    The chapel burned down, got tons of items in my inventory..
    Went everywhere a million times, and no clue what to do.
    My throat hurts.. nobody talks…
    Don’t know what to do.. lol
    Tried peaking at a pc walkthrough, but that’s useless…
    anyone ?

  • basit

    WHAT IS THE 7 letter word to type in by the fireplace. I tried MCMXIII but still not working.

  • person

    what is the combo for the safe in the room with the dead lady i cant figure it out!

  • person

    what is the combo for the safe in the room with the dead lady? i cant figure it out!

  • Tiff

    im stuck outside my room, if i move anywhere i blow up. i tried everything in my inventory, nothing helps. how do i not blow up?

  • http://Dracula3 Sophie

    How do i get out of the room after i took my blood and how do i light that green light up again!?Im getting sooo frusterated!

  • Tonya

    @Mia I tryed the upward C an downward C and snaking the tear to tear through it dont work there is no way to do it( no blank squares to get to the other sweat). Does anyone know how to do the tears to tears, sweat to sweat an blood to blood puzzle cause in ticking me off. Ive tryed for 3 straight days and have gotten no where.

  • Tonya

    Nevermind, thanks Mia I got it. I wasnt understanding what you were saying at the time.