Dr. Awesome review

By Nigel Wood

When I originally posted a news story on this game, I incorrectly stated that it was a Trauma Centre Clone. It actually plays completely differently to Trauma Centre. Instead it is a simple puzzle game but with all the presentation trimmings you will see in a game like trauma centre.Japanese cartoon style..Check. Dramatic soap opera style music…. check. Cheesy one liners from the hot nurse… Check. etc etc. So, as far as look and feel goes it has that Trauma Centre style about it and it’s based in an operation room, so I wasn’t far off.

Nurse! How awesome am I? Thats right, awesomely awesome!

You play as Dr. Awesome, a young intern ready to work your way up the ranks to the best surgeon in town. Each level you are briefed on the next patient/s and must operate to cure said patient of an infection. To do this you tilt your iPhone to steer your scalpel, and must cut away at the cell and corner the virus into the smallest part of the cell as possible, the idea is that the virus cannot survive in a small area of cell. If a virus touches your cutting path before you finish. You’ll have to start the cut again. As you progress the viruses get bigger, nastier and more advanced, with some multiplying or firing off bacteria and the like. As well as the viruses you must avoid bacteria that can attack you along the cell wall.

Complete the tasks for that patient, and in good time, and you will get promoted and access to more patients. A really nice touch is that each patient is pulled directly from you address book, So at one point I was operating on my wife and after successfully saving her life, it was on to my plumber….. I hesitated on him for a moment!!!

Overall, Dr. Awesome is a polished product with high production values for what in essence is a simple puzzle game, the presentation is top notch with great character illustration and detailed background art. The in game viruses and cells are nicely rendered and remind me of Spore. Sound is good too, though some voice acting would have been nice instead of just text speech.


Presentation & Graphics

The art looks great which is created by Escalation Studios, i am 8-bit Productions and Lord Mesa.



 dramatic music, and suitable squelchy noises for the viruses and such. But where is the VO?



Fun, simple and challenging. Perfect for pick up and play, or longer play sessions to. implementing the address book is a neat idea.


Game life:

With 16 viruses to kill across your address book friends, and it’s natural pick up and play appeal. This game may infest your home screen for sometime.


Game rating:

Final word:
ngmoco have created a fun little game, and showed once again that with a little effort, even the simplest idea can work well on the iphone. For $1.99 (£1.19) it’s a steal!

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  • http://N/A pintos-n-cheese

    at first i passed over this game…but after reading you review i’ve got 2nd thoughts…sounds like it might be good…

  • Jay

    one of my fave games on my phone