Doodle Jump Review

This cute little platform jumper is oozing with charm! There are some games that just make you smile when you play them. Doodle Jump is one such game. I met the developer (who works on games with his brother) at the iGames Summit, and I’m glad I did! Not every game I saw at this conference was good, but Doodle Jump is the one I turned to when the lecture got a little boring!


The red lines are the last 50 high scores.

The object is very similar to other jumping/endurance games: get as high as you can by jumping on platforms as you avoid obstacles. Your little “doodle” character automatically keeps jumping when he hits a platform, and you tilt the phone to move left or right. You can tap the screen anywhere to shoot up from your… erm, snout? I like the shooting aspect, as it helps from accidentally launching into a monster. (which you’ll still do anyways, hehe) Unfortunately, when you hit the monsters they just disappear, which is kinda lame.

Speaking of monsters, they are equally as cute. In fact, the entire design of Doodle Jump looks as if it was doodled on some graph paper during class. The animations look good, and the sound also works very well. One particular aspect I liked is the warning sound you hear when a UFO is getting near as you ascend.

By far, the coolest part of Doodle Jump is the way high scores are integrated into the gameplay itself. When you reach around the 10,000 point mark, you start seeing red lines on the right side of the screen with names over them. These are the last 100 high scores that were achieved by other people playing the game. Both the top 50, and the last 50 scores will show up. This is completely genius, as you will always be trying to achieve a higher score, whether to beat your own score, or beat others.

I'm coming for you, Igor!

I'm coming for you, Igor!

Presentation & Graphics

I love them. Very cute and crisp. Gives off that “doodling during Math class” feel. No animation for shooting monsters feels kinda cheap.

The sounds go very well with the game style. I think that music would have really added to the experience though. Without anything, it can feel a bit empty. Would have been nice to have a slight variety of jumping sounds, since currently it’s the same one every time you jump.

Fun as heck. As I said above, this game kept me occupied during the down periods at the games summit I attended. The tilt controls work very well, and the ability to shoot adds an extra element of challenge. I honestly can’t find anything wrong with the gameplay; very solid and responsive.

The idea that you are actively aware of other high scores in the game, as you play, is nothing short of awesome. I’m not saying this has never been done before, but I haven’t seen it on the iPhone. This simple feature means that I will be playing Doodle Jump much longer than I would normally expect from such a simple game. It definitely would have been nice to see extra levels and level designs added to bring some more variety to the gameplay though.

Game Rating

Doodle Jump is a pleasant surprise among a sea of generic and boring pickup-and-play games out there. The idea of actively competing against high scores from all over the world in real time is fantastic, and something that more games should look into. The dev had mentioned some really cool ideas for the future of Doodle Jump via updates, but even in it’s current state, it’s a joy to play. You can tell a lot of love went into this little game.

Doodle Jump – $.99

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  • Eric Lenting

    Looks like a blatant rip off Papi Jump albeit with some nice extra features added on.

  • iPGN-Matt

    Yup, the same way tap tap is a ripoff of guitar hero, or hero of Sparta is a ripoff of God of War, or papi jump is a ripoff of other platform jumping games. it’s ok make more than one of the same type of game, ya know! ;)

  • Bob Belacheck

    Plus papi jump and the rest of the papi games are probably the worst fucking games in the world

  • Bob Belacheck

    Plus papi jump and the rest of the papi games are probably the worst f!@#!@# games in the world

  • Connor

    I love this game, I plan to get a world highscore, but for now my highest is 40271

  • http://doodlejump Maddy and Brooky


  • Cody

    We came late to the Doodle Jump game but just put up a new review on our site.

  • harley, chelly, terreth

    omg we all absolutley love this game. we are all so obsessed with this game. it is the best game that has ever been invented!

  • luke wild

    this game is the best app ever!!! my highscore is only 60,000…

  • Jeffrey

    This is one of the greatest applications you can get for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It was rated 5 stars on the Apple Store and 10/10 here also!

    Most addicting game I have ever played!

  • Kyuss

    Is there a highest score list anywhere? I think have the highest score ever :)
    103,843. Seriously no cheats, hacks just pure doodle jump goodness.

  • dibby

    The game sucks ass. Way too annoying to be fun. Don’t buy it. Too repetitive and weak graphically to be fun. It’s just the same boring crap throughout. Lame

  • zocker

    My rekord is 205000 and i dont cheating

  • Doodler

    This game is awesome!! my highscore is 74781…..its so crazy to see the highscores of like 8,000,000 lol

  • emad

    hi guys,does anyone knows whats the real doodle jump high score? my score is 280000 it takes 30min to play it