Doodle God Review

Have you ever wanted to be God? Be the one to create the air, the earth, the water, the sex, and all that? Well today’s your lucky day, because you are now the doodle god.

Doodle God is a very casual puzzle game in which you begin with a few basic elements, and must create a total of 196 different “elements.” these are not standard elements like earth/fire/water, but they expand to include such things as lava, swamps, dinosaurs, fun, guns, and much more.  As you create, you will hear a voice telling you to hurry and create stuff, and pushing you along. At times the voice is a bit funny, however the more you hear it, the more annoying it gets.will egg + fun = vandalism?

The way you create new elements in this game is by combining two others. For instance, if you were to combine fire and rock, you create lava. Mix fire and water and you get steam. Many of the elements are easy to figure out, however there are some harder ones. For instance, I still don’t remember how the heck I created a philosopher’s stone. That’s where the hints come in, and they are very helpful if you are in a rut. Every few minutes, you’re able to access one of two hints. One of them will give you two categories and say that something in those two categories will mix to make something new, and then there is “what + what = sunflower?” Depending on how you think and play, you’ll tend to choose one or the other more often.

Once you discover all of the elements, a couple mini-games get unlocked, to keep the game fun. It definitely increases the gamelife a bit. Hurry and beat the game to unlock these other game modes!

Overall, Doodle God is a fun little casual game. It will keep you entertained for a bit, and you can pull it out in class or at a red light, create a new element or two, then tuck it back away before the teacher or police officer sees that you have it out. I would recommend buying it, especially at it’s cheap price of .99, it’s definitely worth it. This game may not be game of the year, but it is fun for it’s niche.


Doodle God – $.99

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