Don’t Kill The Squirrel! review

Few games drive me bonkers the way Enviro-Bear 2010 does. Now a game has entered my iPad that evokes those same feelings of confusion, and out of control mayhem.

Don´t Kill The Squirrel ! – The Action is in the Distraction ! is perhaps the worst title for a game ever. Too long, and simply not memorable as titles go. The game is meant to educate about the hazards of multitasking while driving, and in a way it manages to show that quite successfully. Do I see it as a educational tool? Nope, I see it as an arcade racer that is excellent to put in the hands of friends at parties, and my kids love to play it.

You control your car by doing more or less one task at a time. Braking, accelerating and steering are easy to do by just tapping the pedals or rotating the steering wheel. Add to that wipers, turn indicators, radio, iPhone, iPad and a beauty kit and you are starting to get the picture of lots to do. Outside the car there is traffic, squirrels and pedestrians. As you drive down a street you get text messages you have to answer, radio stations you have to switch and stuff you have to look up on the iPad. It all feels quite manageable, and then smack you run into a squirrel or car. And this is where it turns out to be quite a good game because it gets addictive really fast. I want to get further, and I want to be able to handle everything the game throws at me.

The graphical presentation isn’t too exciting, and there is a definite lack of flair. Especially the crash scene looks barren, and void of detail. Still it gets the job done, and all objects are easy to identify inside the car. The sound is better with a couple of songs that you can switch between using the radio.

There are achievements through Game Center, but to me those aren’t that interesting. This is a game all about me beating myself, and showing that I can bloody well text while avoiding accidents. Oops, it seems I haven’t learned…

Forget about the edutainment aspect of Don’t Kill The Squirrel!, and get at least the free version to play a whacked out first person arcade survival racer in the suburbs.

Final Rating


Don’t Kill The Squirrel! – The Action is in the Distraction $1.99
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Warning Label Games, LLC

Don’t Kill The Squirrel! Free

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