DodgeDot review

Dodgedot is exactly what it sounds like, a game about avoiding dots. You get a playing field with four coloured goals. Your task is to drag the yellow dots into the yellow goal, red dots into the red goal and so forth. Once you cleared the play area from dots the level is complete.

Once you start a new level the dots move around freely, and can touch each other without any problems. img_0463Once you have touched a dot though it is in play, and you have to either quickly get it to the correct goal or merge it with other dots of the same colour. The larger the dot is when you score it the more points you will get. If your active dots touch dots of another colour you will loose health, and grey stationary obstacle dots will be created. You have to avoid these grey dots to avoid more loss of health. Health is lost in 25% and 50% chunks meaning that once you mess up you will loose your lives pretty quickly.

Game over is unavoidable as you have a maximum time limit of 30 minutes. I have yet to play for that long as my three lives tend to be lost within the first 10 levels. Once you complete a level you have to choose to start the next one, and I would like to have a seamless progression instead.

Dodgedot is all about gameplay, and it does it really well. As I am a newbie I don’t have to worry about those 30 minutes. Just taking my time for each level works fine, and I wait for good dot positions before I start poking at them. This gives the game a bit of strategy among all the quick finger movements.

img_0464Another strong aspect of Dodgedot is the online functionality through Jampaq Network. This is yet another free service providing online highscores with player profiles as well as the possibility to choose friends to follow. I get really intimidated by looking at the all-time highscores showing players reaching level 50 and beyond. This actually is a bit of a turnoff for me but thankfully the game also have weekly scores making it possible to get a good score up there.

The dots move in different patterns, and these patterns get changed every week thus adding new challenge to experienced players. To me as a newbie it all seems random every time.

Presentation is not the strongest aspect of Dodgedot, and quite frankly I find it sloppy to see the status bar while playing. You can select among different coloured dots to find a style that suits you best. I have yet to confirm that Dodgedot works for colourblind players though because all styles only changes the colours without adding patterns or other ways to tell the dots apart. I think the game lacks any kind of graphical wow-factor, and at least some cool visual effects when combining dots or scoring would be appreciated.

img_0459There is no music, and the sound effects are sparse to say the least. You can play your own music along with the sound effects, and the optional vibrations.

I have yet to find out how to save my game. There is the option to resume but it is always greyed out even though I have exited the game before I lost all my lives. Please leave a comment if you have managed to get the game to save. Starting all over from the first level after getting a phone call is really annoying.

Dodgedot is a fun little game that can really hook you with the simple quick gameplay, and online leaderboards. It is not something for those looking for great graphics or sound, and you only get one game mode. Still I find it to be worth the $0.99 asking price.

Final Rating


DodgeDot $0.99

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