Disassembly 3D review

I have limited technological talent, and I still have trouble understanding how an old VCR works.

But I really want to learn, and ever since I was a kid dismantling things have been both a hobby, and a passion. I guess it started with Legos, and then it went all the way to cars. My moped is still residing in a pile of boxes in my parents’ garage waiting to be revived in some far away future. The other day I felt an urge to dismantle my iPhone 4S, but thankfully I found an old 3GS in a drawer to dismantle instead. And I actually managed to put it together once I was done with it. In Disassembly 3D: Ultimate Stereoscopic Destruction you never even attempt to put objects back together again. Instead you get to blow them up if you buy the bomb, as a $0.99 IAP.

Disassembly 3D is a free application, but that only gives you access to three objects to dismantle. A rather hefty price tag for each new item pack limits the appeal somewhat at $1.99/pack of three objects. Getting the value pack gives you better value, but is still somewhat expensive in my opinion. Finally a lifetime of access to new item packs for free costs $19.99, and kind of hinting that there are loads of more packs to come. I am not fond of free -> IAP to unlock content games, and I would have preferred a reasonable fixed price for the entire full version.

Back to the game, or rather not the game. I don’t play this as a game, but rather as a casual session of dismantling stuff for fun. When you select an object you get to be alone with it in a enclosed space. When you touch a surface, or piece of the object it either lights up in red, or green. If red it is not free to remove, and you have to find screws, bolts and other pieces holding it in place. Green means you can remove it right away.

Physics are kind of flaky, and this is my main gripe with the game. At times I work really hard to get a small screw removed, and then I am able to lift and throw a third of the object with ease. Rotate the screen by swiping, and use pinch gestures to zoom in and out.

The objects are the most important piece of the game, and my personal favourites are those that I can dismantle in real life. A bicycle, rice cocker and hard drive for example I can do over, and over. Larger objects such as houses, or the Titanic feel too large to be feasible. This is my personal opinion though, and I know people who can zoom around the Titanic just out of awe.

There is no sound in the game, and I think that is a good move. Having all the screeches, and clanks as pieces fall to the ground would be far from pleasant. You can listen to your own music instead, which is always a plus. The graphics have been updated, and the resolution is true retina for the new iPad. It looks really good, but there are some clipping issues with parts, and the background. I have not tried the 3D modes available, as I tend to get sick from fake 3D. Nintendo 3DS is a true barfmaker so I won’t risk the same accidents on my new iPad screen.

Disassembly 3D has high scores for quickest time to dismantle an objects all parts. Other than that there is nothing telling that this is a game, and not a casual toy or relaxation application. Still I am drawn to it, and have had to spend at least fifteen minutes a day dismantling a bicycle or robot. My kids love the game, but would really like to be able to assemble what they just took apart.

I am really having a good time with Disassembly 3D on my new iPad, and that is where it belongs. It is universal, but I can’t recommend it for the small iPhone screen. Any iPad will do, but it does look much better on the retina screen. If you are like me, and grew up with an urge to take stuff apart it is definitely worth trying out.

Final Rating


Disassembly 3D: Ultimate Stereoscopic Destruction Free Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.2.0
Seller: Chin Heong Khor

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