Dirt Moto Racing review

Dirt Moto Racing is a fully featured ATV racing game for the iPhone. It is developed by Resolution Interactive, a Swedish developer specialising in racing games responsible for Clusterball Arcade and Aqua Moto Racing.

Dirt Moto Racing packs as much content as you usually expect for a game on your favourite game console. You get five different modes to play, a career with eight tours being the main mode. Freestyle lets you focus on your stunts that are performed by touch buttons in the middle of the screen. You get a wide array of stunts with increasing difficulty to master. Time trial is what it says, and depending on your time you are awarded medals.

img_0577The races in Dirt Moto Racing are held across four environments letting you race in mud and sand across British Columbia, Death Valley, Toronto and Florida Keys. This gives the game variation as the different environments have different demands on you as a rider.

There is variation to the types of races you encounter. There are your ordinary races around the tracks, as well as open checkpoint races and sprint races at full speed. The ordinary races have one problem, and that is if you veer the smallest distance of the track the bike will be reset. As it does so you loose all your speed, and at times I have been reset facing a corner without chance to avoid being reset again.

The checkpoint races are far more enjoyable in my opinion as you have an open area to traverse. An arrow points towards the next checkpoint, and you have to beat the opponents to the last checkpoint. It is not a matter of collecting checkpoint, but rather an ordinary race albeit on an open track. I love how my ATV bounces around at full speed chased by the AI riders.

img_0653If you are into racing games, and want an off-road addition look no further than Dirt Moto Racing. It will keep you entertained for a long time, as it is easy to get into and hard to master. Now I only hope that developer Resolution Interactive develops a snow mobile racer.

Presentation and graphics

Great track graphics with some cool effects such as tire tracks behind your ATV. I have had trouble finding my way around the races set on sandy tracks, and that is because it is almost the same colour sand for the track as well as the surroundings. Furthermore the tracks are quite dark making it hard to play the game under a glaring sun. The riders and bikes look good, and you have two different camera views that work. One zoomed out far, and one close behind the driver. The game loads quickly for a game with graphics at this level of quality.

img_0654Negative though is the black frame around the edges of the screen. I understand that it is a new approach to creating a HUD but I find it annoying, and would have liked to have the option to have a normal HUD.
I have had some slowdown running sprint races at top speed, although these have not interfered with the game and I have managed to steer my ATV to victory anyway. This was while using my own music, and I could not replicate it using the ingame music.


Dirt Moto Racing features 12 tracks focusing on metal and hard rock that suit the game really well. A metal riff that I really enjoy accompanies menu selections. The sound effects are good with realistic engine sounds and bone crunching crashes. You can play your own music while still keeping the sound effects.

img_0684Game play

The tilt controls work quite well, and can be re-calibrated in the pause menu. You can also change sensitivity for the accelerometer. I would have liked to have more control options, especially since I prefer touch controls. You can set the game to help you accelerating and keeping the speed up, and that is a real help if you want to do stunts. It is not like in Real Racing where the game also helps you brake, but rather here you have to brake as the cruise control keeps the throttle at maximum level at all times. It takes some getting used to but once you figure out that the cruise controls wants to kill you it gets easier to time the braking and steering.

At times I feel the game tries to be too much, and I am not sure if I think the stunts are needed. As a matter of fact I find it hard enough just to get around the corners without having to plan my next stunt. Still there is the freestyle mode where you can really try them out. And just drawing down in the middle of the screen to pop a wheelie is cool, and something I tend to do while running checkpoint races.

I am not really sure about how well the physics works, as I haven’t tried an ATV myself. At times I feel that some corners I take should make me fall over Ozzy style.

The game is quick and fun to play. To me the challenge is finding my way around the tracks, and that is my focus instead of caring about the AI riders. I prefer the open checkpoint races, as there is no way to really miss the track.

img_0683Game life

Dirt Moto Racing features eight tours where you have to unlock medals to progress. 36 events divided into races, checkpoint races and sprints. Achievements, and tuning points to increase for example your speed or braking ability are there to keep you going. Online leader boards and downloadable ghost play letting you race against the best times in the world. Online multiplayer is the only thing missing.

Final rating

Dirt Moto Racing is a fun ATV racing game with great graphics, sound and content. If you are a racing fan it is a must have.

Dirt Moto Racing $4.99

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