Diggin’ Dogs review

“Where´s my water?” is a cool puzzle game where you have to guide water to a croc in need of a good bath.

It created a completely new kind of puzzle game where Boulder Dash is combined with modern line drawing, and an excellent physics engine. We haven’t reviewed it here at TouchGen yet, but if we had it would have gotten a great rating for sure. With bright colourful graphics, playful sounds and a variety of obstacles to the water it has made a huge splash in the App Store as well rivalling Angry Birds, and Cut the Rope for the casual throne.

So after an opening paragraph about a Disney title that has made it big in the casual market I should perhaps at least mention the title I am about to review. Diggin’ Dogs is the first game to follow in the footsteps of Where´s my water?, and it is far too easy to point a finger and judge it as a clone. I did that as well after seeing the screenshots, and playing the first levels. It all changed though when I learned that I could manipultare the dogs by tilting, and flicking them to make them jump. The similar style, and gameplay to the aforementioned game faded and a new monster of a casual puzzler reared it’s head.

In Diggin’ Dogs you have to guide three cute dogs down through the ground to find the exit. On the way you have to avoid obstacles, collect treasure and find as many of the three bones that you can. The controls are excellent with you digging by drawing in the dirt, and tilting to affect both coins and dogs. Powerup helmets help a lot by adding offensive capabilities, or magnets for gold.

With an ever-increasing level of difficulty across the 60 plus levels you surely get a lot of value out of the game. Personally I felt that the game got a bit samey after a couple of hours, and thirty levels in I had to give it up to let the game rest. Coming back to it a few weeks later the game felt fresh, and I pushed downward for another batch of hours. Getting all bones, and full treasure is not that easy. Replaying levels to ace them soon became a must for me.

The presentation is kind of dark, and gritty and hence suits the idea of digging down through the earth. I would personally have preferred a brighter more polished style. If Where´s my water? is Super Mario Bros Diggin’ Dogs is Gianna Sisters. Hopefully some of you get that comparison that is crystal clear to my old sensibilities.

One thing that I find weird is the lack of an iPad version of the game. My children love Diggin’ Dogs, and the iPhone version works on the iPad upscaled. Still a dedicated iPad version, or better still a universal binary would have been great.

Diggin’ Dogs borrows the perspective, and some of the control mechanics from the green crocodile from Disney, but in the end it is a completely unique experience. If you are looking for a challenging puzzler with a lot of game time, and cute dogs you can’t go wrong with Diggin’ Dogs.

Final Rating


Diggin’ Dogs $0.99
Version: 1.02
Seller: Chillingo Ltd.

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