Diesel VEKTR, Beats Mixr and Monster Inspiration headphones in review

Monster Cable is one of the major players in the world when it comes to headphones.
In this review I will showcase three different products, and how there is now several different brands spawned from Monster Cable. There are two main brands branching out: Beats by Dr Dre, and Monster Cable as a standalone brand.

Diesel VEKTR

This is not the first collaboration between celebrities; or rather in this case a fashion house and Monster. Nick Cannon, Lance Armstrong and Lady Gaga are other notable collaborations already established. In this case it is more in the vein of trying to convey a brand message than following a profile of an individual artist. Right of the bat I can say that Diesel has got a much more exciting product than the Nokia Purity.

Designed with a lot of cool vectors, and angles the VEKTR certainly looks different. At least when you come closer, as it is hard to distinguish the angles from afar. What is visible from a distance though is the cool forward angle of the earpieces that protrude in a cool manga action kind of way. The material used is the same glossy hard plastic from the classic Beats by Dr Dre Studio, which means it smudges with fingerprints easily.

Beside the visual design of the VEKTR there isn’t that much telling it apart from say the Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD. It is an on-ear design that comes with a great bass response that reminds me of the Solo HD, albeit less muddy. Overall it is better balanced than the Solo HD, and more suitable to a wider array of sound sources.

There is a ControlTalk with only one strange button, which is kind of a bummer. Usually you get the volume controls as well, but not here. The microphone, and connector all come with vector design. The cord itself is heavy duty, and detachable.

The biggest concern I have with the VEKTR are the ear cushions, and how they are squishy giving a squeezing sound when adjusted. As with all on-ear headphones adjustments are needed if the ears feel warm.

The VEKTR is a cool set of on-ear headphones that cater to a specific audience. It is slightly overpriced if you aren’t a huge Diesel fan, or for some reason have fallen in love with vectors.

VEKTR at 2490 SEK



Beats by Dr Dre Mixr

Now these are some wicked beasts! I am doing this three in one review in sequence, and putting these on after the VEKTR was just sick. The same music kept going, but so much more intense with so much more depth to the bass. My head went from a slight bobbing to a full head banging motion to the exact same song. I don’t know if there is any better way to describe how good the bass response is on these.

The Mixr is branded as a set of DJ headphones developed with the help of David Guetta. Sound wise they sound similar to the Beats by Dr Dre Pro, and those blew me away with heavy bass. I would say that the Mixr sounds even better, and that is impressive since it is a much smaller package. What the Mixr lacks compared to the Pro is passive noise isolation.

The design of the Mixr isn’t made to look particularly good. There are no extras, nothing unnecessary or glossy. Instead these are made to withstand loud music, being danced with and perhaps even stage dived with.

The ear pads can be folded back, or to the front to allow the DJ to listen to the crowd, and the setup. For everyday use it is quite nice as you can fold one back to have a conversation, and still have music in the other ear.

Heavy duty cord with an equally heavy duty three button ControlTalk microphone makes it a good everyday option as well.

The Beats Mixr is a durable set of headphones with a no nonsense design made to withstand partying of the third degree. Fun for the consumer, great for the pro and just plain awesome.

Beats Mixr at 2190 SEK



Monster Inspiration with Active Noise Cancelling

Now these are a bit more laid back, but still pack quite a heavy bass. Available in two different versions these are the ones with noise cancelling. A button on the back of the right ear cup engages the circuitry, and a green light goes on. They function even without the circuitry engaged, but there is a huge difference in sound depth and volume without it. I can’t speak for the version of Inspiration without active noise cancellation, but I certainly hope it sounds better than this.

The first thing that struck me when I first tried the Inspiration on was how comfortable they are. Being a huge set of over-ear headphones it is always a gamble. The weight is held up well by a padded headband, and the ear cups holding onto my head with ok pressure.

The sound is quite balanced, and the Inspiration has a warm bass that I would compare to that found in the B&W P5, or Bose AE2i. These certainly work for most listeners when it comes to clarity.

The active noise cancellation isn’t that great, and it feels like it relies more on passive noise reduction than anything else. Having tried the Bose QC15, Ultimate Ears 9000 and currently trying the Audio Technica ANC9 I must say that the active noise cancellation of the Inspiration is subpar.

The cords included give ControlTalk for iOS, and microphone for Android. All are flat tangle free. I have had some connection issues giving scraping noises despite these looking quite new. Who knows what a previous reviewer might have done to test them though.

The Inspiration is a comfy set of headphones with exchangeable headbands that gives you the chance to customize them. The sound is good with a warm bass. If you are in the market for these looking for active noise cancellation I think you are better off looking at the Ultimate Ears 9000. If you want Monster sound in a great looking design though you can’t go wrong with Inspiration.

Monster Inspiration at 2690 SEK



To conclude I have to say that for the average consumer I think you get the most value from the Mixr. If you can’t stand bass for long however the Inspiration is a great comfortable alternative. The VEKTR is a niche product for fans of the Diesel brand, and priced a bit high given the properties it provide.

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