Devil’s Attorney preview

I didn’t do it your honor, and if I did I will destroy the evidence.

The first screenshots I saw from Devil’s Attorney immediately grabbed me. It looked to be a new take on the court drama that Phoenix Wright brought to gaming. After getting an early build of the game I quickly realised that this is something completely new. Basically Devil’s Attorney is a card battle game set in a comedic court setting.

A battle in the game is turn based, and you have to defend your case. If the case strength goes down to zero it is game over. The enemy prosecutor usually has some kind of special power enhancing the witnesses or technical evidence. You have to remove witnesses, and evidence to win the case. Using a set of tools does this: offensive, defensive and special. For example you might have to lower the attack power of an enemy instead of trying to kill it right away.

Between levels you get to upgrade your apartment, and later on your clothes to enhance your powers. The game has a cool Miami Vice kind of vibe to it that definitely strikes a cord with me. The presentation is truly solid, and each case has spoken voiceovers to introduce them.

Devil’s Attorney is quite addictive since the cases only last for a couple of minutes, and you can get bonus money if you finish within the first turns. Overall this is shaping up to be one great game, and I can’t wait to see the finished product due for release on October 11th. And yeah, this is from the people behind the fantastic marble rolling Dark Nebula series, just saying.



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