Devil May Cry 4: Refrain – Review

Nero brings his demonic arm from the consoles, to the palm of your hands. Is it as good as its console bigger brother? Or will it rot in hell? Read on to find out.

Devil May Cry has been around for a while and it’s now making its debut on iOS. This one has, basically, the same story as Devil May Cry 4, but is a little bit shorter and told in a different way. DMC4 told the story through full motion cut scenes. Whereas this iOS edition gets only the comic book style treatment of stills and subtitles for dialogue. While this doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way, it does take away some of the pizzazz that full cut scene story telling would add to the characters and story development. While the in game iOS engine may not have been up to the task, I’m sure they could have been added as FMV instead.

mzlvomaahbo320x480-75The graphics are actually really nice. While the game is missing some advanced lighting features seen in other high end games, it’s still definitely up there with the best looking games on the AppStore. The only thing I didn’t like, visual-wise if you will, is that many of the levels look the same, with repeated structures. You will frequently go into a new room and it look exactly like it did two rooms ago. This lack of creativity on the levels not only made it confusing sometimes, since you really didn’t know if you were going backwards or not, but it tend to make it a little bit monotonous at times too.

When it comes to the gameplay itself, I have mixed feelings. First off, it is definitely fun. Using the mix of Nero’s sword/gun plus the demonic arm didn’t get old at all during the entire game. I was always trying to get as high a combo as possible, and sometimes wanting more enemies to come out so I could keep increasing it. However, I did find that many of the normal enemies don’t inflict any lasting damage. Instead they seem to just stand there waiting for you to kill them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there weren’t some that totally kicked my ass from time to time, but for the majority of the game its not as challenging as I’d hoped.  Unfortunately the bosses themselves were also a little on the easy side to begin with, but the difficulty did start to ramp up around half way through the game, though nothing that wasn’t impossible to beat.

mzllvqaboeu320x480-75Another problem I have mixed feelings about are the “continues”. It seemed as if I had an infinite amount of these, meaning that every time I died I could just press continue and the mission would carry on right where I died. Now, I hate starting missions from the very beginning once I die, but this seems to take away from the of having health. Of course, the more continues you use, the lower your final score for the mission will actually be. So if you care a lot about the final score, then avoiding death will be important.

The game consists in a total of ten missions, which will probably equal to around two or so hours of game play. Despite the lack of full cutscenes, mentioned earlier, the story does keep you pretty interested along the way.

Overall then, Devil May Cry 4 Refrain is without doubt an entertaining game. Yes, it has it flaws here and there, that if fixed could make it an unmissable entry in the DMC  franchise. Having said that, if you are looking for a fun hack and slash action game, or if you are a fan of the series, then this is a must buy for only $1.99.


Devil may Cry 4 is out now for $1.99. Get it on the Devil May Cry 4 refrain - CAPCOM

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  • Sako Hamilton

    Jose am gonna Gonna have to disagree with UR positive reviewTHIS GAME IS THE MOST SHIT I’VE PLAYED IN A WHILE 

  • Jose

    I must admit Sako, I didn’t like it much either at the beginning. But once I started getting the hang of it, it did start to be great fun. Is it a little bit too easy? perhaps. But it is definitely entertaining. I think the fans of the series will really enjoy it.

  • Sako Hamilton


  • Wohtheir BOY

    I agree Sako this the most total shit as licking game ever, waste of my money, god dam it capcom make a good game for iphone already