Deus Ex: The Fall hands-on Video

We get hands-on (greasy screen and all) with Deus Ex at E3…

Deus Ex has a huge following, particularly for those with fond memories of the original game from 2000 – it was named as one of the best PC games of all time.

It’s spawned a few sequels and prequels, and now its coming to iOS as a brand new entry in the series subtitled ‘The Fall’.

Many iOS games based on big name console/PC titles tend to be a lesser experience, bearing similarities only in name. However, it is clear that Square Enix are attempting to at least create a game that not only features the brand of Deus Ex, but also the gameplay and features associated with to. So, you can expect first person shooter elements, RPG-lite features – such as leveling up weapons and abilities with skill points, and a deep story.

From our short playtime with the game, we were impressed by the way the virtual controls were handled and how looked in terms of art-style, but we did feel that graphically it was a little dated when compared to that of FPS’s like Modern Combat or adventure games like Horn. It also featured a few touch-based mini games that- to be honest – are a little gimmicky these days and do nothing more than break the flow of games like these (NOVA 1 anyone?).

It was hard to tell with the noise of E3 drowning everything out, but The Fall is fully voice acted with returning acting talent from past games, as well as a score from Deus Ex: Human Revolution composer Michael McCann.

The good news though is that The Fall will be a premium product (expect around $6.99) and you’ll be able to enjoy the game from start to finish without a sniff of IAP to drag you down.

Look out for Deus Ex: The Fall later this summer.

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