Defender Chronicles II coming in May

Gimka Entertainment releases first details and trailer for Defender Chronicles II, the follow-up to Legend of the Desert King.

We gave the frsit game the full-monty of five stars way back in 2009, where we cited it as a combination of polish and fantastic gameplay that’s not to be missed. This next chapter sees you fighting to defend the land of Athelia from the advancing waves of Orc hordes, the supernatural Forsaken, and the shadowy Covenant cult. You’ll battle using skills and abilities from unique heroes, as well as utilising and upgrading basic units to better combat waves of foes. The game includes five different game modes and five difficulty levels and hits the AppStore on May 24. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Key Features of Defender Chronicles II include:

• Vertical Tower Defense – Vertical view complete with multiple creep paths gives players a new perspective on tower defense
• Unique Heroes – Choose from four playable heroes, each with six distinct skills and eight unique abilities
• Multiples Units – Command up to 24 different units, upgrading them to better battle foes
• Brutal Challenges – Experience five different game modes and five difficulty levels
• Search for Treasures – Find and collect hundreds of new artifacts to unlock new levels, upgrades, and other features
• High-Quality Development – All new graphics, comics, soundtracks, and voice-overs provide an immersive gaming experience
• Socialized Gaming – Game Center support gives you the chance to issues challenges in-game via email and lets you topple friends on the leaderboards

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