Defend Your Castle Review

Stand up straight soldier!! The invading army is coming and it’s your duty to defend your castle.

Defending your castle in this game is a little different than you might think. Instead of managing your army to defend against the evil hordes, you defend your castle by flicking the enemies into the air. You can also pick them up and slam them on the ground, or for some enemies you may need to tap them in the eye (there is only one).
The good news is your not all alone. After each wave you can upgrade or repair your castle. You are also able to ‘convert’ enemies by dropping them into a blue bucket during gameplay. After converting them you can then upgrade your turrets to train them in different areas. They can become archers, wizards, repairmen, or demolition men.

Help!Archers will automatically attack enemies as they invade. Wizards will unlock spells for you to cast in game. Repairmen will fix the castle during the round as you play, and demo men will make a kamikaze run out onto the field to be blown to smithereens when you tap on him.

The more archers you have the more arrows will shoot at the enemy automatically. With more wizards you unlock different spells like erase. To use erase you tap on the spell, then tap on the guy you want to use it on. A big eraser will appear and wipe your enemy away, obliterating his existence.

Awesome Upgrades!The Good
Defend Your Castle is a best-selling WiiWare hit and 2009 Elans nominee for Casual Game of the Year; and it shows.
The graphics have a charming hand-drawn look with a colorful felt and button backdrop. The sun will even move as you play though the level and decrease the light levels as it gets darker. The explosions are great, and the animation is polished and fun.

The gameplay is simply delightful. There are few things more satisfying than throwing little stick enemies into to air to have them land into a crumbling mass in front of your castle.

436961Defend Your Castle scales slowly in normal mode allowing you plenty of time to build up your defenses and learn how the game works. The upgrades are fun, useful and creative. You can keep scaling up as much as you want. There is no limit to the levels or to the upgrades you can make.

The Bad
Honestly I have to search to find anything negative about this game. The only thing that I found slightly annoying is that there is only one good way to gill the stick enemies. I wish there were a few more way to kill the guys. If you fling them sideways they will usually get back up, and smashing them down takes more time than flicking them up. The worst thing about Defend Your Castle is how many hours you will lose in the campaign to “Defend Your Castle!!”

The Bottom Line
Defend Your Castle is an excellent game on any platform, but I find it particularly enjoyable on the go. It’s more cathartically satisfying that bubble wrap and a whole lot prettier. I guarantee you will lose many hours of your life playing this game.

Presentation & Graphics
Fantastic and fun, the graphics are perfect for the game.

Audio is a solid 4 stars. The music is epic, and the sound of the stick dudes screaming and falling to their doom is awesome. It will mute your iPod music on launch :(

The gameplay is very good with very few short comings.

You can play 4 EVA! There is no limit to the levels. This means never ending gameplay, but you never get to stop defending your castle, the princess never gets saved, and everyday is groudhog day.

Game Rating
Defend Your Castle is fun! It immediately made it to my favorite games page, and I have put in many many hours playing this game. You will love it.

Defend Your Castle ($1.99)
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  • DannyV

    I would LOVE to get this game, but I hate games I can’t finish. Frankly, I’m sick of games that I can only play for a high score.

  • Nacho

    well it’s a little more than that. While the game won’t end it will keep escalating. So it will get harder and harder until you can’t possibly win.

  • Kamblad

    Well a game that mutes my own music automatically gets a big NO sign from me. Lazy developer.

  • XGen Studios

    @Kamblad – We really didn’t want to ship the game this way, as we hate that as much as you do. Unfortunately even after many sleepless nights we couldn’t find any way to retain the music playback after playing the intro video.

    If it’s any consolation, this is near the top of our list for the first update.

  • suomynona

    I wasn’t sure if I would like this game, but it was cheap so I got it off the app store to try and I LOVE IT! I can’t even begin to explain how fun it is. And whoever did the graphics is a genius the little stick guys are hilarious! Probably the best app I’ve seen in quite some time. You should get it now in case they increase the price later! It’s worth way more than what it’s going for.

  • BillyGo_T

    All Killer, no Filler – this reviewer hits the nail on the head with Defend Your Castle.

    For $2, I’d feel stupid if I didn’t pick this up.

  • Kamblad
  • iPGN-Matt

    Eh… not a big fan of clones… especially when EVERYTHING is cloned… even the controls. I’ll stick with the original.

  • iPGN-Matt

    Previous comment was speaking of the stick wars game, not DYC! DYC is the original, and always will be! I remember it from back in the NG days. XGen studios makes some damn fun games.

  • Arnold

    It is now on sales for $0.99. Support the original, and help to dethrone the clone one which doesn’t deserve to sit near the top spots. DYC is steadily climbing up the ladder.

  • Surfix

    Love it but there is a bug. i can complete the achievment were you have to kill 500 enemies with sticks, and im pritty shour i have killed a lot lot more than 500, i kill like 410 of those in one round..

  • nicolai

    My game keeps crashing at lvl 37? got any clue why, only tried normal mode so far, but its very annoying as i can’t get any further.