Deathsmiles updates plus Espgaluda 2 HD!

CAVE announces new updates to Deathsmiles, a new game called Castle Creator, and Espgaluda II HD…

First up are new updates to the excellent Deathsmiles (reviewed here). New costumes will be available to Tiara, which can now be changed in-game. A new jigsaw mini game has been added, which can be completed by picking up items within the main game. Finally, new DLC weapons have been added, giving the girls a lot more firepower (not that they were weak before!). Some bug fixes have been implemented, as well as some layout options for controls, allowing you to customise your screen to suit. For example you can move the game-screen left or right to avoid cover the action with your thumbs.


Next up is Castle Creator. It lets you build your own castle town in medieval Japan. Once you’ve got a bustling little kingdom of your own, you’ll have the opportunity to “skirmish” with your friends and neighbors. The game is compatible around the world, so you’ll see people from all different countries playing the game and building their own castles.


The final bit of news, and pretty exciting is the announcement of a special edition version of Espgaluda 2 (reviewed here). This HD version brings the game to the bigger screen with updated graphics for iPad 2. As you can see from the video below, the game still has some work to do from a framerate point of view, but it still looks pretty darn awesome!


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