Death Cop: Mechanical Unit review

Aliens can be cute, and whacky such as ALF or hell bent on the destruction of mankind. Those out to get us constitute about 99% of all depicted aliens, and Death Cop is no exception. Instead of trying to solve our differences through diplomacy, bad translations and too much coffee we send out our mechs.

img_1334Death Cop is a mission based game offering 16 varied missions to accomplish. The most common type of mission is the standard walk about kill them all, and destroy target structures. The controls are your standard dual stick shooter scheme with separate controls for movements, and weapon fire. These are responsive, and as the mechs are rather slow it is not the controls fault that I fail to avoid enemy fire. Some on-rails action is also found using the same controls, and to be frank these levels are just plain boring. I would even say that they are out of place. Why does the mech fly all of a sudden, when it can’t even jump on other levels? The third kind of mission is the first person gallery shooter. In these instances you drag around on the screen to rotate the view, and tap any side to shoot. Now instead of being agile, and quick you are slow as heck.

As you might have already understood from the previous paragraph the game is rather unfocused. It tries to cram too many ideas into the same game, and lacks a clear focus. To me the most common levels are those that the developer should have developed further. The pacing is uneven for those, and there is a lack of enemy variation. For all the three modes huge bosses are a plus though.

img_1333There are 16 levels, and you have to complete the previous level to unlock the next. I like the challenge posed by having to complete the quite long levels. You gain experience by replaying levels, and as you gain levels you get to play around with more weapons. I have played loads of mech games for all kinds of consoles, and gearing up a mech is important. In Death Cop most of this is lost.

You have three different mechs to choose from with quite different abilities. The descriptions are kind of backwards to me, but looking at weight it is easy to understand which mech is agile, and which is good for armour.

img_1338The graphics is not that good. The opening cinematic looks great, and makes the rest of the game look really bad. Ugly fonts, uneven lines and bland mech selection disturb the impression before even selecting a mission. When playing the mechs look alright, but the enemies and environments look low res. The in game cinematics using game graphics are horrendous. Some of the larger bosses look cool though, but lack the cool weapons to accompany their large size.

The music is dark ambient Terminator-esque music that is perfect for the game. Sound effects are ok, but most weapons lack that extra thump.

Death Cop is a hard game to finish. Not because it is that hard really, but because there are no mid level checkpoints. It also forces tutorial screens, and cut scenes on you when retrying. Alien AI is limited to follow, and attack.

With Death Cop you get a decent mech shooter sadly lacking in the graphics department. A lack of focus also detracts from the fun in killing aliens. A challenging campaign offering quite good game life is a definite positive to the game. For mech fans it might be worth considering, but for the average twin stick brawler you should probably skip past it.

Final Rating


Death Cop: Mechanical Unit $1.99
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Blue Shadow Games S.L.

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