Deadmau5 Ghosts review

Deadmau5 is a progressive house artist and producer with a lot of great tracks in a quite extensive back catalogue. The track Ghosts n Stuff is one of the best in my opinion, and that track is the foundation to Deadmau5 Ghosts game.

Deadmau5 Ghosts is basically Pac-Man but with the Deadmau5 creature instead of our beloved yellow icon. You have to eat all the pieces of cheese while avoiding the baddies.

img_0307The only control option available is tilt, and most of the time it works fine. When you have to navigate in tight areas it is harder, and takes quite large movements to register properly. Some kind of touch based control method feels sorely missing.

There are only 5 maps in the game until it is game over. I finished the game without any hassle in less than 15 minutes. When you finish the game you unlock a new song available for download. Other than that the high scores are all that might make you want to replay it once.

Graphics are retro styled Pac-Man, and little has been done to infuse some own personality into the game. There are powerups enabling your Deadmau5 to become invisible like a ghost for example. Later maps also have teleports letting you zoom to another part of the map when the ghosts get to close.

The strong part of the game is obviously the music if you are a fan of Deadmau5. I really like the music but I think there is too little of it. I would have liked at least a couple of tracks, now you only get Ghosts n Stuff on repeat. The unlockable track is ok as well.

img_0305At a buck it might have been a good deal but now you are better off buying your favourite Deadmau5 track, and download Pac-Man Lite. It is about the same as getting Deadmau5 Ghosts but at a 2 buck discount.

With a cool creature like Deadmau5 I think a much more inspired game could have been produced. A lack of content, personality and control options make me hesitant to recommend Deadmau5 Ghosts.

Final Rating


Deadmau5 Ghosts $2.99


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