Deadliest Catch review

It takes more than a beard, foul language and a bad temper to be a king crab fisherman. You need to be fearless, and Death should be your closest friend. If you know how to cheat at chess you might even live for the entire season. That is unless you have beaten the crap out of Death with a crab claw. The crew and captain of the massive fishing boats look for the big bucks. They are always vigilant, and loosing a friend to the cold water is always a risk.

Deadliest Catch is based on the Discovery Channel hit series. It incorporates the vessels, waters and crew from the show with accuracy. I had not viewed the series until I played this game, but it got me interested in the fearless crew. After viewing several episodes I must say that the portrayal of the captains is really good with their no nonsense quotes showing up during loading screens.

img_2004There are a lot of different elements in the game. You start the season by buying a boat, and hiring a crew. New vessels are unlocked, and you have to make a good profit to be able to buy them. Buying the correct bait, and extras is also important to successful crab hauling. Once your crew and vessel is ready the season starts.

A green arrow represents your ship on a top down view of the high waters. Dragging around the screen lets you hunt for king crab locations. These are represented as orange crabs, and once you enter one you get to place your crab pots. You have a limited number of pots to place in lines. Tapping the first pot lets you haul them. Letting them rest for a while is better for large loads, and you can set sail to other spots to wait for the crabs to crawl in.

img_2001Hauling the pots gives you a line throwing game where you have to throw a hook to get the pots up. After that you get to sort the crabs, and garbage found in the pots. All of these mini games can be skipped, but that gives you less king crabs than a successful playthrough. Other mini games include controlling the ship in rough water using the accelerometer, and throwing a life buoy to a sailor that has fallen into the drink. These can also be skipped at the loss of morale of the crew.
Deadliest Catch has got quite good presentation with loads of branding for the show. The graphics is good, but I think the point of view could be a bit more interesting than watching a green arrow. Seeing the massive ships would be much more involving. The music, and sound effects are ok. I would like to have seen some proper voiceovers from the captains to tie the tie in completely to the show. You get the choice on startup to play your own music if it still playing, or use the ingame music and sounds.

img_2002Completing seasons, and getting better boats and harder seas is really fun. The game keeps track of your scores and statistics for both the story, and quick play modes. There are no online modes or achievements to the game. I didn’t find the game that hard, but still it gives a couple of hours of gameplay. One thing I dislike is the fact that you can’t go back out to sea when the ship is full of crab. This is lame when I have half the season time left, and this crew can’t sit idle for that long.

img_1020If you are a fan of the Deadliest Catch series definitely pick this one up. If you aren’t then take a look at a couple of episodes to see if these people interest you before picking this game up. It is basically just a collection of quite good mini games that work best together if you get into the show, and premise of crab fishing.

Final Rating

Deadliest Catch $3.99
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Hands-On Mobile

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