Dead Trigger 2 On The Way

Back from the dead

I never understood why ‘Dead Trigger’ was called ‘Dead Trigger’. I mean in the game, there were only two possible things that could end up dead:  a) you or b) the zombies (who were technically dead to start with). Your trigger certainly didn’t die at any point – that would take an incredible level of stupidity – so with the inevitable sequel round the corner, I’d think this was a perfect time to re brand it ‘Dead Zombies’. Yes, slightly on the nose, but it’s better than calling it ‘Dead You’. That wouldn’t sell loads would it? Come to think of it, it probably would.

Anyway, if you enjoyed Madfinger’s graphically sumptuous, but somewhat repetitive first person zombie shooter, you’ll be tickled pink to know that the sequel (not titled ‘Dead Zombies’ unfortunately) is on it’s way, shuffling into the App Store.

As for new features, you can look forward to NPCs who will accompany you during the game, new graphical effects such as realistic water reflections, dynamic shadows, and light projections as well as – and I’m not making this up – dynamic grass. The EA Sports FIFA development team will be paying very close attention to this one.

Also promised are new locales such as London, Shanghai and Africa, sinister new boss zombies and something that sounds highly interesting – a real time and never ending story that will be affected by the behaviour of every single player worldwide. This sounds either like the greatest game in history, or a very flowery way of letting us know there’s a standard multiplayer mode.

While you’re waiting to play dead again (see what I did there? You really should see what I did there), check out the appropriately gruesome screenshots.




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  • Alexanderk17

    Wow. I’m really amazed. Call of duty black ops zombies is a shitty ass game. Dead trigger 2 could make the iPhone or android platform really good for gaming. With the iPhone 5s’s new 64 bit chip, games will be better than before.