UPDATED: Dead Space Hands On

EA brings Dead Space to iPhone and iPod Touch and it’s good. It’s really good…

UPDATE: January 20th, 2011, we interviewed the Lead Designer for Dead Space. Check out the write-up and audio here.

UPDATE: January 19th, 2011, EA have released in game video footage of the game in action (view below).

I got to play the new Dead Space game weeks ago, and have been fighting to keep my mouth shut about it until now due to a media embargo. I mentioned on our podcast that Dead Space was the most excited I’ve been about an iPhone game for a long time, and I still mean it. I only recently played through Dead Space on the Xbox 360, as I’m not a big fan of survival horror games. I’m really glad I did, as it’s one of the best games on the console in my opinion.

ds1The great thing about Dead Space for the iPhone is that it is exactly that: Dead Space. It’s not a (disappointing) animated comic, a mini-game collection, a top-down shooter, or any of the other rubbish game variants that major titles tend to see in their mobile ports. It looks and plays exactly like Dead Space looks and plays on the console versions. There’s honestly not much more to say than that. The touch controls were very responsive, with the ability to do a quick 180 degree turn, or change how fast you’re walking/running based on how high you slide your left thumb on the screen.

Just like the original, there is no HUD other than the change-weapon button at the top right of the screen. One thing I found especially brilliant is the ability to use your kinesis module by tapping the kinesis meter on your back. You can also lift, move, and throw objects by simply tapping the ones that have the appropriate symbol. You swipe to aim and fire your weapon, which seemed to work well enough, but I didn’t quite get a handle on it when I played the game. You have to tap to go into an aiming mode, and for some reason, sometimes I would then tap to shoot and nothing would happen; or I would accidentally reload. I have a feeling this was due to my inexperience with the game more than anything else.

ds2From what I was told, the story will take place somewhere between the original Dead Space and the upcoming sequel. According to the press material, ‘You’ll find yourself on a mission of uncertain purpose in the Mines of Titan. Soon, however, the truth of your situation will become grotesquely clear…” Sounds good to me! There’s no final release date at the moment, but the game was slated to launch some time in January last I heard. Also no confirmation of price. As soon as we can post our video, or any other media of the game, we’ll do so. It’s much more impressive in motion than in words!

If you have any questions, post them here and I will answer! :)

UPDATE: January 19th, 2011, EA have released in game video footage of the game in action:

UPDATE: January 4th, 2011 we received two new screenshots:

deadspace3 deadspace21

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  • Austin

    …… I am speechless….. WHY DID YOU HIDE THIS FROM US?

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    Haha it was embargoed until today. I had no choice! :)

  • carlos_icm

    Please EA bring a good mass effect for iphone…

  • Matt

    instant buy. looks a lot like it. and you are right Dead Space is one of the best games of this generation

  • Anthony

    Hmmm, However, EA conveniently added two sneak peek screen-shots to their EA Mobile Facebook page…


  • Jason

    Is this compatible with older devices? 2g

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    I wasn’t informed about older device compatibility. I would assume a company like EA would make it compatible with 2G devices, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t.

  • Hisiru

    Thanks TouchGen! I can’t wait for this game as I am a Dead Space fan!

    But hey! Where is the video Matt?

  • Matt

    Any word on simultaneous iPad release?

    I remember when this was announced, at an Apple store presentation, the slide EA showed said iPad (small letters iPhone)…

    So I’m hoping iPad owners will receive this gem at the same time as other idevice owners.

  • Shaun

    throw your psp or ds away

  • Austin

    Too bad I already saw the video. EA, just show it to the world already, it looks awesome!

  • Shaun

    Hey Austin , show us the video site

  • John Grubber

    Do the environments vary? Or are they all space-themed. :P

    I know it sounds stupid, but if there’s a train level (as I’ve read elsewhere), then there must be more realistic environments. Correct?

    Please answer ASAP. Thanks!


  • Matt Dunn, USA

    I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a universal app. Even if it’s not, it seems to me that it will be releasing for both platforms… that’s usually how the big publishers do it.

    The demo I played felt very much like the original game, which makes me assume there will be varied environments, but all within the confines of whatever mining vessel/station you are on. I don’t know for sure though.

  • Johnny

    This looks better than everything on the PSP, and most games on the 3DS. I was thinking about buying a 3DS when it comes out in March, so that I could have Resident Evil Revelation. However now I think I’ll just stick with my iPhone 4 and Dead Space.

  • Thomas T.

    This game looks amazing! Capcom should be ashamed of themselves for releaseing the “so-so” looking port of Resident Evil 4 last year to the app store. EA really knows how to make a proper survival horror handheld game. I just compared Dead Space iphone vs Resident Evil 4 iphone, and there’s not comparison. Keep up the good work EA mobile!

  • Nick

    @Johnny, but the 3ds has physical controls and 3d without glasses! Plus it has a great lineup. I have an iPod touch 4g myself, but you have to admit nothing beats physical controls. I’ll be getting a 3ds if the price is reasonable and will continue to use it along with my touch. I’m not trying to argue with you, I’m just telling you what I think.

  • Andrew Wood

    Does it look better than Infinity Blade?

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    They are both very different games. Infinity blade can looks as good as it does because of the restriction of free movement. Dead Space does’t have movement restrictions. To be honest though, it looks pretty close. :)

  • Shaun

    I saw it , honestly , on youtube , it looks just like the original game

  • Kato

    I just watched video of this on youtube too, and it looks better than Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo 3GS straight up.

  • hassu

    i believe this game will be for iphone 3gs iphone 4 and ipod touch 3rd nd 4th gen

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    Yes thanks for that Youtube… its our video!

  • jason

    i cant f**ing wait for it to come out everyday ive been visiting the website
    and ive been rapeing the gameplay it looks soo amazing!!!!!!!! beats every game hands down! just 3 thing is the entire game gonna be long becuase i realy want it to be!.2please tell me that there is no chance of this game getting cancelled.3 your fucking funny that gameplay vid XD upgrade your suit and he comes out….. a stripper!

  • Tony

    This looks better than Dead Space Extraction on Wii! The iPhone really has some incredible graphics.

  • Shaun

    If this is good , can EA mobile be able to use Unreal Engine ?

  • jason

    please will someone give a release date!!!!!!!!!! and pleas elet it be soon!!!! >_< i real realy want this game or at least more gameplay/pic videos!

  • jason

    another question did the demo feel scary?

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    @jason: it’s hard for anything to feel scary in the middle of a crowded bar with no headphones. :/ we’ll have to wait until it can be played in a quiet place. :)

  • jason

    thanks for replying! :D XD do you think it will get released brfore dead space 2?

  • jason

    another question could you use kinesis on a necromorphs arms (shoot its arm at it) like on 2?

  • Matt

    Matt, you wronged the ppl of this forum. You said infinty sword only looked good because of movement restriction. Early this year epic games came out with the “epic citedal” tech demo for the unreal engine on an iPod. It was free roam, and first person shooter styled…. And displayed with the same graphics ability. The reason for the movment style on infinity sword was the controlers ability and gameplay style……. There is a hack online for jail broken users to move freely in infinity sword. Thank you, matt.

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    lol I “wronged” them? does infinity sword have all the detail in the hacked version that it had in the demo? tech demos are generally quite different than the actual game that uses the same engine. games have to spend system resources on AI, real time lighting, and many other things. almost everything in Epic Citadel was “baked” on, meaning that very little was dynamic. tech demos almost always look better than the resulting games. if that’s not the case with infinity blade, then that’s a rare exception.

  • Matt

    Yes, it does keep the detail… And you are right about the baked shadows and radiosity. The unreal engine for iphone CAN support dynamic shadows, but udk said that dynamic shadows come with the cost of lowering texture resolution.

  • Anon

    it is highly unlikely for EA or any other big publishers to use Unreal Engine in their games. They would have to give Epic Games 25% of their profit plus the already 30% that goes to Apple, and in the end you only get 45% profit of the game.

  • Shaun

    Matt Dunn , I have a question , does the game have multiplayer ?

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    @shawn: i haven’t heard anything about there being multiplayer. i highly doubt there will be.

    @jason: i’m assuming the release will be near to the release of dead space 2, but i wasn’t given an official date. as for the use of kinesis, i kinda forgot to use it other than that one time, so i’m not sure if it works on individual limbs.

  • jason

    thanks for replyin man ^_^ love you thanks for the info

  • Shaun

    Thax matt dunn , that will be great with multiplayer

  • Shaun

    I think kinesis is in the video hand-on from youtube

  • KaPew

    @ the guy talking about the “hack” to enable freeroam in Infinity Blade

    I have never seen or heard off such a hack and i doubt it could work since there might be missing animations and textures.

    In fact,i have yet to see a vid or article about this so called “free roam hack”. Send me the link for it?A search on Cydia yields no results

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    Yeah I used kinesis once in that video, but I didn’t use it to shoot enemies’ limbs back at them haha.

    @KaPew yeah I was kinda wondering about that too. I didn’t find anything in initial searches either…

  • Shaun

    Matt , does the game have gore effect like the original game ?

  • jason

    shaun tbh the game looked awsome but i thought the blood efffect looked a little cheesy but that could have been the cam still dose anyone have new info/pic/vids anything!!!! …matt i know your holding out on us -_- spill the beans we want some suace! love you

  • Shaun

    Hopefully this game will be a great hit !! with this progress , EA might be the best iphone games developer over Gameloft

  • jason

    @Shaun yeah the only game i liked by gameloft was moder combat 2 and zombie infection but now there gettin sloppy looks like EA steppin up to bad not many dead space fans know this game realy needs its spot light im so sick off seeing angry birds at no.1 >_<

  • Shaun

    @jason Yeah man , EA is getting better , with the success of Dead Space , maybe they will step forward to something like Medal Of Honor . Go EA !!!

  • jason

    @Shaun um hm i was realy looking forward to bad company 2 but when i got it i was just like O_o realy….. but i am soooooo ganna rape dead space i hope they make another or at least make the entire gaME LONG SO I DONT GET BORED

  • Shaun

    @jason Bad Company 2 is their first attempt so the bad things usually happen , every first games aren’t perfect either , but the next will be different , believe me , Dead Space will be better than NOVA 2 from Gameloft

  • jason

    yeah novas and nova 2 is pretty good but the multiplayer is just awfull there is no gema type except death maatch and you stand thier for five miniutes shooting somebody in the head and the wont die but yeah im real looking forward 2 dead space i hope they have lots of suits for issac!!!!