De Blob Review

Review by Nigel Wood

De Blob is a new game by THQ, based on the full 3D experience coming to Wii this summer. Starring a gelatinous ball creature who’s mission is to save the world from the evil I.N.K.T Corpoaration and return it’s monochrome infested lands back to their full technicolour glory!

The game is split up into different cities in which you must tag buildings and citizens with various colours which can be picked up around the map. Control is handled by either point and click touch control or by using the accelerometer tilt functionality of the iPhone. Tapping on the I.N.K.T enemies when instructed will cause De Blob to squash them, get touched be an enemy and you’ll lose your colour and be turned black, where you’ll need to find one of many water pools around the city to wash yourself down. 

Once you have completed the required painting in the allotted time, you can move on to the next level. As well as tagging the buildings, some citizens you free give you mini tasks to complete for extra points, such as paint a selection of buildings in a given time limit, or a race to the finish mini game.

The vivid colours and art style really shine on the iPhone. De Blob doesn’t feature full 3D, but the top down 2D/3D hybrid really fits the iPhone well and makes for a great looking game.

Sound is also well done, with a funky style soundtrack and fitting paint squelch sound effects. One for the headphones!


Presentation and graphics: 8

The presentation is slick, but that is to be expected from THQ and a good budget. The graphics really pop on the iPhone screen.


Sound: 9

The soundtrack and sound effects really add to the overall feel of the game.


Gameplay: 8

Tight controls and fun sandbox style gameplay will challenge you, but you can also just relax on the train and roll about to the groove!


Game life: 8

Plenty of levels, plus the extra challenges will keep your iPhone body popping to the max!


Final iPGN Rating: 8/10

Last word

I wasn’t expecting De Blob to be anything but a sloppy port of the soon to be a classic Wii iteration… but I was wrong. De Blob is a great little package and well worth the $7.99 (£4.99) on the App Store. App Store link

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