Dark Nebula 2

1337 Game Design have released the second game in the Dark Nebula series…I gave the first game a 3/5 as whole I did love the presentation and gameplay, but I felt it was way too short, and the lack of control calibration urked me. I’ve been playing this sequel for a few hours now and it feels so much better. Not only has full calibration been added, and the game’s length been increased, but the graphics look gorgeous. The game is 2D in design but is layered to provide a 3D/paralax effect as you travel through the levels. Finally, a new combat system has been added, which gives you a swirling plasma ball around your ship, allowing you to take out enemies or unlock shielded doorways.

Dark Nebula 2 is out now for $0.99. Check out the screen shots and video below:

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  • AnotherTim

    This game is fucking awesome. That’s all I have to say.

  • Monsta

    I have played more then 100 (advanced) iPhone games, this one is definitely in my top3. Just got level 1 completed and it already blew my mind. Keep it going Toughgen!

  • ekfik

    when will episode 3 come out?

  • Bill W

    Impossible to get more than 79 out of 87 orbs on Level 6. So no way to get all the gold stars!

  • George P

    not impossible. go to the left near the end. they are there

  • John

    Impossible. Where is this place, George?

  • wally

    level 6: when moving plat stops: jump left

  • deiz

    hello, plz i’m stuck on lvl 11 i can’t find two 2 orbs plz help