Crystal Cave Classic review

Crystal Cave Classic is what you get if Indiana Jones got mashed into Boulder Dash. It is a puzzler in the vein of Boulder Dash with freedom of movement in all four directions. You play as a female version of Indiana Jones with the same desire for diamonds and artefacts as Indy.

Crystal Cave Classic is a puzzler that also have a bit of a sokoban strategy feel to it. You have to move blocks and boulders into the correct positions. What sets Crystal Cave Classic apart from sokoban games is the constant introduction of new puzzle elements such as teleports, different kinds of blocks and boulders. At times you have to move quick to avoid getting squashed by falling boulders, but most of the time you can take it in your own pace.

img_0264Developer Rake in Grass has shown their brilliance when it comes to level design previously with the inspired Archibald’s Adventure. This is also seen in Crystal Cave Classic that has some really intricate levels demanding all logic skills available. Trial and error is a part of the gameplay but as it is often easy to predict consequences this seldom becomes tedious. With 170 levels Crystal Cave Classic packs many hours of content. You can choose which level to play, but skipping a bunch might mean that you miss out on the tutorial for a new object.

img_0263There are four different touch based control schemes that all work really well. You can have a digital pad either on the left or right hand side of the screen. You can use the swipe scheme to simply swipe anywhere on screen in the direction you want to go. Finally the display scheme lets you control by where on the screen you touch, top of the screen to go up and right of screen to go right. I have never had any kind of hiccup with any of the control methods.

img_0261What is lacking though is a coherent story to why you enter all there caves in search of crystals. A short introduction movie showing how the beautiful heroine swings into a cave. In the actual game the heroine looks like a fat little stump with a blonde wig. I would like a bit of coherence, and I prefer to have her either fat or skinny in all parts of the game.

To me the lack of story combined with the hefty content can make it hard to stay motivated until all levels are completed. In Archibald’s Adventure the story had a key role in establishing the game as one of the best puzzlers for the iPhone. Crystal Cave Classic is still a really good game with some great level designs.

Presentation & Graphics

img_0243It is easy to tell the different objects apart, and you can zoom in and out to get a better overview. The gameplay area looks ok, and have beautiful backgrounds setting the mood and theme. I think the protagonist should look better, and that the story would be more important.



The music suits the game perfectly, and varies depending on the world you visit. Sound effects are ok as well as your stumpy character shuffles along. You can play your own music together with the sound effects.


img_0241Four different touch control schemes that work well letting you concentrate on solving the puzzles. The puzzles are well designed, and will keep you challenged.


170 levels that keep challenging your logic skill. The lack of story, and other rewards than actually completing the puzzles lowers the rating.

Game Rating


Crystal Cave Classic is a quality puzzle game with focus on interesting puzzles instead of an evolving story.

Crystal Cave Classic $3.99

Crystal Cave Classic Lite

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