Cross Fingers Review

Ooooh… NOW I understand the title of the game…

After months of the now famous legal fiasco over their critically acclaimed and award-laden game, EDGE, Mobigame is back in business with their release of Cross Fingers. While Cross Fingers is a completely different game than EDGE, it retains the excellent feel of polish in graphics and sound that EDGE had. It also features unlockable content for when you think you’ve finished the game, which is always a pleasant surprise, and the main reason I kept coming back for more with EDGE.


At first glance, Cross Fingers seems to a be a very clean and slick rendition of the classic tangram game. That is, you drag various existing shapes together to form one goal shape. These levels work well enough, and are probably the ones that will

Well, crap.

Well, crap.

prove the most difficult in the game, which turns out to be a lot easier than I expected. I suppose this is a good thing, as there’s no way to skip levels. However, at higher difficulties the game becomes much more edgy.

At first, started to believe that Cross Fingers hung on the edge of being a more casual game like ZenBound. However, once I started into the “Hard” set of puzzles, it came to my realization that this game takes pride in using up all 5 points of the iPhone’s multitouch capabilities – henceforth, “crossing” your fingers in a jumbled mess that is your hands. About 50% of the levels do not require you to make a large shape from smaller ones, but rather have you edging pieces around a maze to place them in the correct shadowed areas.

In these mazes, there are reddish pieces that can be edged either vertically or horizontally, but not both. Oftentimes the edges of the one red pieces will get in the way of another red pieces that you have to move. This then requires you to use one finger to move one piece, another finger to move the other piece, then a third finger to move your block to the correct position. A few of these puzzles actually require you to use 5 total fingers, which is pretty crazy, but fun.

With an unlockable difficulty, Cross Fingers features 120 puzzles in all. However, since there difficulty is not that high (I found that the most difficult puzzles were in “hard” rather than “pro”, you will probably complete the game in just a few hours. If that was all Cross Fingers, it would have been a solid experience at best, but nothing great. Luckily, Mobigame took the surprise edge by throwing in an “Arcade” mode after you beat all 120 puzzles!

In arcade mode, pieces push in from all edges of the table, and your job is to use them to crate a 4×4 square in the middle. When you make one square, you have a few precious seconds to use more pieces to make another square to up your point combo. As



you progress, the pieces change, and more get added. Things get pretty hairy pretty fast, and I was on the edge of my seat quite quickly. The game is over when there is no more room for shapes to enter the table. Unfortunately, there’s no online support for the high scores in this mode.

Game Rating


Cross Fingers is fun and refreshing little puzzle game that anyone will be able to pick up and play. With 120 levels and an unlockable arcade mode, it’s a game that can certainly entertain you for some time. It might be a bit on the easy side for people who are used to tangram games, but the labyrinth levels mix it up. The response from moving shapes can be a bit iffy at times, but it’s nothing that will take the edge off too much. The game is styled very well, and really feels like it was designed for the iPhone, rather than many games that feel ported over. It’s the first game I’ve seen that truly uses all of the touch power of the iDevices to their fullest, and it will have your fingers in a knot!. If you’re on the edge of the fence with this one, go ahead and give it a shot! (Unintentional rhyme. I should be an edgy poet.)

Edge count: 17 :)

Cross Fingers – $.99

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    looks like those zen games only more difficult. i like it..