Critter Quitter review

Another bug squashing game infests the AppStoreā€¦

Yes, the AppStore is no stranger to smashing, squashing, stamping and any other method for killing bugs that begins with S. It takes me right back to the early days of gaming on the iPhone, where there seemed to be only a few genres on the system, and bug squashing was one of the most popular. I think it was because it showed off the multi-touch abilities more than most, that and it’s no-doubt a pretty straight-forward style of game to create (says the games reviewer with zero coding experience!). It’s been a while since I have played this type of game, and with games such as Slice it and Fruit Ninja making simple touch ideas cool again, then maybe it’s been long enough to jump in and have another go.

mzlehxleeit320x480-75On the face of it Critter Quitter is no different to the other bug squishers out there. It gives you the ultimate, god-like power to take away the lives of said bugs, as you struggle to keep your food from being devoured before your very eyes. The game does shake things up a bit though, with is its array of power-ups. As you furiously tap your way through wave after wave of bug you will collect the leftover green bug juice in a test tube. You can spend juice from the tube at anytime by opening the shop menu. Here you can choose from a bevy of power-ups including knives for slicing bugs; bug spray for taking them out in larger numbers; a snail to slow them down; and a cup bell to cover the food for a set amount of time. One of the most useful items however, is the frog. These can be placed in up to four positions around the food, and will help you eradicate the bugs as they slurp them up with their long tongues. My favourite though, has to be the almighty Napalm Nuke, which vaporises every living thing in sight – though thankfully not your delicious food. Many of these items do cost quite a bit of juice, and so you’ll need to do a lot of bug stomping to unleash them. For serious bug killers out there you can buy more juice with cold hard cash, giving you a larger supply to spend. However, you’d have to be pretty hardcore to waste your hard earned cash on what is effectively cheating.

mzlfirglfar320x480-75There are also a multitude of bug types. From lady bugs to roaches, flies to larvae filled mega bugs, there is certainly enough variation to keep things fresh. You’ll also be required to pull off different kills, such as swiping, slashing and smearing, giving your fingers, and at times your brain, a much needed work out.

Kudos to the developers (Impulsis) for giving a higher quality of polish than usual for such a game. From the interface to the bugs themselves it all fits together well visually. It’s good to see that where they may lack in originality, they can make up for in quality.

mzlhbdifeig320x480-75With the game being free, and despite not exactly oozing originality, it’s hard not to at least give it a try, especially for casual gamers out there. The power-ups and varied bug types will hold your interest for a lot longer than the bug squashing competition, and you’ll no doubt get a kick out of it from time to time with its survival mode. But, when all is said and done, it really is just another bug squashing game – albeit a very polished one – and it’s a bit late to the party.


Critter Quitter is out now for free (with DLC) as a universal app for iPhone and iPad. Get it on the Critter Quitter - Impulsis

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